Pakistan’s e-commerce market is also flourishing at a fast pace as more and more online shopping stores are flooding the newly emerging market. The country’s e-commerce industry has gained tremendous growth over the past five years which has opened doors for many aspirant businesses to tap this market. There are many local small enterprises that have started their business of online shopping in Pakistan based on the similar business models of international brands like Amazon or Ali Express.

Zamb Technologies is one such local venture that has launched a new online shopping store in Pakistan called The name is quite catchy and easy for the local public to remember as the words are quite commonly used in slang language among the target customers. The online portal is a hub for major shopping categories that are popular among the online shoppers. You can find extensive range of electronics, clothing, hair accessories, mobile and computer equipments, exercise equipment, home appliances etc. It is a diverse portal and offers latest products at very affordable prices. aims to provide assistance to online buyers in getting their favorite products and accessories that fall within their budget. Currently, the market is competitive as the e-commerce picture is quite attractive for many new entrants hence, price and quality of products is the key to gain maximum online sales for the shopping site.

Customers are very informative due to the rising internet penetration in the country which has reached to around 30 million users and is expected to rise up to 56 million users by 2019. Also the increased use of social media by the target customers which mostly comprises of youngsters aged between 18-34 years; it is essential for these new ventures to maintain their reputation by building strong customer base. The market is highly competitive and one can only gain a well known position if it offers the products of high quality at extremely feasible prices and also have customer centric approach towards carrying out a transaction.

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Also, Pakistan’s entry into 3G and LTE in 2014 has increased the internet access through mobile phones. The Telco sector has left no stone unturned to make their services reach to wider networks around the country in light of fierce competition. The low cost mobile internet offered by these telecom service providers actually has brought distant areas into internet access.

These collective measures by internet service providers, telecom sector and the flourishing e-commerce sector would certainly entice the online shopping trends in Pakistan. These online shopping portals are also making Smartphone affordability possible which has increased the use of internet enabled Smartphones. With 67% of entire population having access to mobile phones, the internet enabled Smartphones will also reach wide population network in the near future.

Currently the e-commerce market is worth of around $30 million and the industry experts predict it to rise up to $700 million by 2020. If everything continues to move in the positive direction then Pakistan would certainly have a prominent contribution in its economic growth from its e-commerce industry.