Your  G-d's Will Die With You

Good or Bad, Just or Unjust, The Time for Redemption is Gone

by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Yesterday, I was talking with a senior US Army intelligence officer about AIPAC. 

This is a group that “helps” Israel but is supposedly American. 

Former Bush White House advisor, Steve Rosen, has testified that it is a spy organization. 

My friend confirmed it, not only do they steal American technology and military secrets but they sell them to our enemies and everyone in the Army knows it, congress knows it, but anyone who says a word will have their careers destroyed. 

A reminder or two about Rosen, really quite a nice person, friend of a friend, now “spilling the beans.”

Grant Smith discusses the Rosen v. AIPAC lawsuit that threatens to bring Washington to its knees with an espionage scandal of 

unimagined proportions:

Steven J. Rosen’s defamation lawsuit against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is now entering a critical phase. A series of cross-filings stakes out the critical court terrain.

Rosen intends to show that obtaining and leveraging classified U.S. government information in the service of Israel is common practice at AIPAC.

He claims it was unfair for AIPAC to fire and malign him in the press after he was indicted on espionage charges in 2005.

On March 2, 2009, Rosen filed the civil lawsuit against his former employer, directors, and an outside public relations firm for libel and slander. Rosen, AIPAC’s former foreign policy chief, seeks $5 million in damages from AIPAC, and punitive damages of $500,000 from each former board member, for a total claim of $21 million.

AIPAC made statements to the news media Rosen believes were “knowingly false and defamatory and issued in reckless disregard.” AIPAC fired Rosen and fellow employee Keith Weissman after they were criminally indicted under the 1917 Espionage Act in 2005.

Both were caught up in an FBI sting operation receiving classified information from Department of Defense employee Col. Lawrence Franklin, who pled guilty and turned state’s witness.


Steve Rosen – Formerly with AIPAC, the Rand Corporation and the National Security Council

Rosen’s legal counsel David H. Shapiro gruffly advised AIPAC’s attorney Thomas L. McCally that he would be seeking “serious discovery” on Rosen’s behalf during a status hearing on June 5, 2009.

It is this sort of public intrusion guided by knowledgeable insiders, following already devastating FBI raids, that AIPAC probably wants to avoid at all costs.

Ironically, Rosen’s civil lawsuit, like the failed government prosecution, hinges on proving that circulating classified information is common practice inside AIPAC.

AIPAC has the ADL label anyone who defends America called “antisemites” and gone, no career, no pension, no job, no voice.

The ADL has gone after me a few times but I ran one of the world’s largest banks, I am probably not a good target.

Several AIPAC employees have been interviewed by us, some on video, some for days, all admitting endless criminal acts against the United States, all indicating that the FBI is fully aware but helpless.

Early on I will begin with a point.  One of the things we learned is that Americans, Christian Evangelists, give billions to Israel.  They get no accounting of how it is spent.


The amount is staggering, conservatively over $30 billion a year which goes with the secret $18 billion the Pentagon gives Israel in arms which they sell and the official $3 billion we call “foreign aid.” 

This  would pay the tuition for every American college student and hire 50,000 nurses, teachers, police,  things we need here in America.

We live in a world of secret prisons, 20 square miles of Poland is a secret US prison.  Worst of all, in a sense, are the concentration camps in Israel, walled, gun towers, inmates incinerated with cluster bombs and chemical weapons, camps paid for by religious organizations in the US.

Remember in 1945 when Germans were paraded through the concentration camps they said they knew nothing of?  Here, for my religious friends who maintain the blinders of indecency, we have some photos for you to display this Sunday.

Description: is going to take America’s Christian Zionists, the “Israeli Firsters” through the concentration camps in Israel to see the walking skeletons, the burned children, the horrors and mass graves?

Nobody can claim they don’t know, not when the world press has published the truth for years.

We have more than minor proof that much of that money is used to persecute Muslims and Christians.  The Evangelicalists were all lied to, American Jews are lied to, everyone is lied to.

Israel is a brutal and unjust society run by a criminal elite just like 100 other countries.  Muslims prey on each other, look at Saudi Arabia.

Remember the stories about how Saddam took babies out of incubators in Kuwait during the invasion in 1990, one that was planned with the full cooperation of President George H. W. Bush who then led a war against his own friend?

Here, let Congressman Ron Paul tell you about it.  Wikileaks got the evidence.  If you fought in that war, and many of our readers/members did, welcome to being suckered.  Worse yet, of course, tens of thousands who fought then have died of strange diseases our government ignores. 

Where are the Vietnam veterans?  A few are walking around but Agent Orange, a carcinogenic defoliant laced with dioxin killed most of them and the government spent 40 years covering it up.

Vietnam killed more Americans than all wars combined, including World Wars One and Two, Korea, even the Civil War.  Anyway, let’s let Congressman Paul tell us and then ask yourself why certain people are not in prison:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

My day job, as a “retiree,” like so many others, is to run a defense group, a number of companies that specialize in training senior intelligence officials, setting up mobile counter-insurgency forces and even training police and private security.


It's a big and nasty world

I still work on development projects but the current condition of world banking has left many of these to be funded by the US and EU, while China is spending its billions around the world buying influence as well.

  Indian Intervention in Pak Northern Areas

These stories are all untold, maybe because the truth would give some a clear look at the world they are going to be living in, one that doesn’t fit accepted ideas of reality.

As we saw in the video above, Bush set Saddam up.  Saddam bought his poison gas and many other weapons from Bush family members, they own an arms trading company tied to groups in Taiwan and Japan, those groups are organized crime.

“Poppy Bush,” still helps run the Carylyle Group, a conglomerate of former heads of state, and major political powers, that invests money that traces back, much of  it, to drugs and organized crime. 

Truth is never told, as the British are learning.  Where is Tony Blair?  Had he been arrested years ago and is now let out on a leash every now and then?


NATO Headquarters

One of the places this piece goes will be no surprise.  After some very successful and legitimate “investigative reporting,” the real partner of organized crime, worldwide, just as Putin tells us is NATO.

They have no other reason to exist other than to run drugs, launder money, shuffle prostitutes and human slaves around the world and pretend to defend us all from terrorism, 90% imaginary, the rest of us orchestrated by Saudi Arabian “Wahhabism” and hired Mossad car bombers.  Too much truth for you?  Go take a pill!

As for Blair, at least he wasn’t killed like his partner Gaddafi.  Sarkozy really wishes he hadn’t taken 50 million euros from Gaddafi now also.  As for Blair, want some proof?

 Files unearthed from Moamer Kadhafi’s intelligence archives and seen by AFP on Saturday appear to document deep cooperation between the CIA, MI6 and the former Libyan regime, including the shipping of terror suspects for regime interrogation.

The cache of documents, originally obtained by Human Rights Watch from a Libyan security archive, includes blunt details about the secret 2004 seizure from Malaysia of an Islamic militant, who by twist of fate now heads commands the revolutionary forces in Tripoli.

The letters include an apparent CIA memo informing the Libyan authorities about the journey of “Abdullah al-Sadiq” and his pregnant wife from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, where the US would “take control” of the pair and hand them over to the regime.

Sadiq — named as a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group — is said to be the nom de guerre of Abdel-Hakim Belhaj, who now leads the militia of Libya’s new rulers in the capital Tripoli.

In another letter a senior member of Britain’s intelligence agency congratulates Libya’s spymaster on the arrival of Sadiq.

The chatty and friendly letter, written to Kadhafi’s right-hand man Mussa Kussa, says the delivery of Sadiq “is the least we can do for you.”

Other letters to Kussa headed “Greetings from MI6″ (Britain’s foreign intelligence service) and shows a personal Christmas greeting signed by a senior British spy with the epithet “Your friend”.

Kussa was Kadhafi’s foreign minister until he flew to Britain in March and defected, but despite being accused of rights violations was allowed to fly to Qatar the following month.

  Pakistan Market: Regulators addressing market liquidity – By IMS Research

The news was quickly blocked in America, though the story was broken by the Wall Street Journal.  Discussions yesterday went even further.  I was talking with friends about Pakistan and Afghanistan, “official” friends, about how drug trafficking works.  We claim we have cut drug production by 30% in Afghanistan.  Being the “spoil sport” I am, I had to make mention that:

§  There is no factual basis for the claim

§  We have actually expanded drug production to Iraq and the CIA is now shipping both marijuana and hashish, which are now as profitable as heroin and easier to sell.  The “customers” live longer.


Angela Merkel

The discussion then went to upcoming changes.  We expect France to elect a new “socialist” government and cut ties with Merkel, a lifelong communist, and the mess she has made of Germany.

France came up because they have troops in Kosovo, a part of Serbia seized and made into a “country” that almost nobody recognizes.  Kosovo is Muslim, actually run by organized crime, and partnered with the Albanian Mafia.

You will love this part.

The Kosovo/Albanian Mafia “officially” has wiped out most of the American/Italian ”Mafia” and even the Russian “Mafia” groups in the US.  This is even better.  Their primary base of operations is a place called Camp Bondsteel, an American base where heroin is brought in and transshipped for them.


Camp Bondsteel – Never Mentioned in MSM Media

I then checked with friends in law enforcement, extremely senior, and was told they have “insulation” in Washington that lets them do anything they want.

Who, I asked.  I was told, “the Bush family, Frank Carlucci, former Secretary of Defense and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

I was then told that much of the reason for the war in the Balkans and the destruction of Serbia was to set up Kosovo as a center for organized crime.

There are more troops in Kosovo than citizens, all there to protect the drug business, same as the US and their few “allies” are doing in Afghanistan.

It seems that drugs are even more profitable than rigging oil prices, the GOPs game. I then confirmed this through Pentagon sources who backed up what I have just written 100% plus.

For a bit of “santized” background on how far things you have never heard of have gone, try these links:

§  Wikipedia

§  EU Publication on “Crime in the Western Balkans” 

§  ADL site

When checking the facts, which I did “on the ground” as one of those who first entered Serbia after the bombing stopped, I found some quite amazing inconsistencies.  The UN Commander, head of our peacekeeping force was my friend, General Sir Michael Rose, someone respected by all.  If you haven’t heard of Rose, there is a reason.

Here, Mike Rose, UN Commander, points out proof of “ethnic cleansing” by Muslims, contradicting stories told in the western press:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Speaking of “ethnic cleansing,” have you heard of “news cleansing?”  Mike Rose, a Brit commander from the Falklands, commander of ”SAS22″ with 4 knighthoods demands the immediate arrest of Tony Blair.  Try to find a record of this.  I will supply the “invisible” newspaper headline, this one from the UK Daily Mail: