A Letter to The Foreign Minister of Australia

Dear Mr. Minister

Stephen Smith

Thank you for taking a principled stand on Israel, a stand that the U.S. has not yet taken. We were warned against such “entangled alliances” by our first president, particularly where, as here, there is a “passionate attachment.” With the benefit of history, we can now see how the U.S.-Israel relationship dramatically changed who we are as a nation. Due in substantial part to this “special relationship,” the U.S. has been discredited abroad and weakened within.

This relationship has been an exercise in deceit since a Christian-Zionist president, a Democrat, was induced to extend recognition to an enclave of extremists. He did so over the objections of those best informed on the subject. That includes the Joint Chiefs who cautioned Harry Truman about their “fanatical concepts” and their plans for “military and economic hegemony over the entire Middle East.”

We as a nation were deceived by our own better nature to embrace a relationship that has long been at odds with our national interests. The durability of the relationship does not pass muster as either rational or consistent with our values. Its persistence can be traced to the strength of a lobby that, to date, has escaped registration as a foreign agent. Those known for their skill at waging war “by way of deception” have betrayed the nation that most befriended and defended them.

Even when a Christian-Zionist president, a Republican, led us to war on false intelligence, Americans were unable to identity the common source of our troubles. Groups of Americans are now emerging from many quarters to resist the influence wielded on (and from within) our government by special interests, with this special relationship topping the list. Many supporters of Israel have been deceived to believe that this relationship is in their best interest. The facts confirm otherwise.

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With facts and transparency will come accountability, including for ongoing treason while this nation is waging a war based on false pretenses. In order to betray, one must first befriend. In order to defraud, one must first create a relationship of trust. Thank you for clarifying that this relationship is not deserving of the trust extended. With the extension of recognition, this ongoing deception gained a platform from which to operate with perceived legitimacy, an issue that must be revisited.

A colleague in Melbourne will send you a copy of Guilt By Association — How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. Jacket comments below. Online excerpts include an introduction summarizing many of the means routinely used to wage war from the shadows by displacing facts with false beliefs — in plain sight.

You may find it useful to review the commentaries on the Criminal State website. The more recent analyses are also posted on Veterans Today where I serve on the board of editors. Chief Editor Gordon Duff and I recently returned from Pakistan at the invitation of the Pakistani Military that was coordinated by Raja Mujtaba, Managing Editor, Opinion Maker.

We explained in mid-February how Pakistan was being pre-staged as the next in a series of “plausible” Evil Doers. Veterans Today features a seven-part series that preceded the invitation. Note also analyses that deconstruct several well-timed “terrorist” incidents, including the Ft. Hood shooting, the Christmas Day Bomber and now the Times Square Terrorist.

Please feel free to share these analyses with others. I trust that Guilt By Association will prove a useful resource.

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Thank you for your service.

Best regards

Jeff Gates