How long the world would have to wait to see the criminals facing the justice? How many more lives would be plucked before the truth dawns? Who has benefited from this mass murder? Who would dare to reign them in?

By Raja G Mujtaba

Immediately on the occurrence of 9/11 the world went into an awe and shock effect. The effect was so strong that every Muslim around the world was taken to be a terrorist. The Muslims living in the US were the worst affected. The country almost went to the brink of a religious divide, had that happened the entire world would have sunk into chaos. Samuel Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilsation,’ would have proved more than true, although even now the war is being pushed on the same thought by the Zionists and the Neo-Cons but on a low key.

Mine was one of the first papers, ‘War Against Terror or Islam,’ that I wrote almost immediately after 9/11 occurrence. I challenged the very official line that was so venomously being aired by CNN, FOX News, BBC and every other known channel in the west was blasting at full pitch.

The body language of George Bush and his other Aides was very clearly showing that and confirming that it was a drama being staged for some ulterior motives.

Gordon Duff, Jeff Gates, Wayne Madsen are few of those who have attempted to expose the hidden realities of 9/11. Gordon in his latest attempt has produced yet another report that is based on the investigation of Adam Shaw, an aerobatic and stunt pilot who has over 5000 hours of flying and most of it upside down.

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Adam Shaw has gone into all the technical details and the capabilities both of the planes and the pilots to fly such a mission. He has asserted that no pilot with just a basic flying of Cessna 172 can perform such a feat. In fact Boeing 757 or any other ‘Low Wing’ aircraft cannot fly at 450 knots just 20 feet above ground. He has challenged any pilot to fly Boeing 757 at this speed just 20 feet from ground level for half a mile.

The hole in the Pentagon building is much smaller for a 757 to go through, then there was no wreckage to be seen there. No matter how bad the crash maybe the remains of the aircraft are found that help the investigators to investigate into the causes. There were no such parts or components to be seen.

In his latest paper, ‘Hijacker Theory Proven Impossible…’ Gordon Duff has quoted Geraldo Rivera and Judge Napolitano of Fox News who proved controlled demolition at the World Trade Center.  He says Jesse Ventura presents witnesses and hard science that debunks the Pentagon attack, all this on network prime time television seen across the United States and around the world. 

Jeff Gates has said that the Zionists wage war through deception, through deception they have taken America to war. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are clear and classic pieces of deception. Iran is also being targeted but before they can attack Iran, Pakistan the only nuclear power of the Muslim World has to be de-nuclearised or even fragmented if need be. As part of the game plan, Pakistan is being profiled as the next ‘Evil Doer.’

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Duff asserts that no newspaper article, TV ad or any other attempt to dispute the facts or deny the allegation which include charges of murder and treason against the highest officials in America.  Never have charges of this magnitude been made in America’s history without immediate repercussions, speeches in congress, public demonstrations, or demands for retraction and lawsuits. But instead they have opted for silence.

He says, ‘The cover story on 9/11. the tales of hijackers, box cutters, phone calls, all is now buried by science, engineering, physics, metallurgy, aeronautics, real testimony, hard proof of a government conspiracy that includes the White House, Pentagon and beyond.  

For those who insist on sticking their heads in the sand, those who choose to believe, to deny, out of fear, out of insanity or out of something worse, here is more overwhelming fact.  For those who value truth, respect fact and choose science over propaganda and politics, I wish things like this hurt less.

It seems like every week we put up a new video, more science, more government lies discovered, more treason.  For those of you who have been off the grid for the last decade, perhaps living in a cave, or have been searching the wilds of Borneo for Osama bin Laden, this will all seem new.

If you wonder why Americans are so sick, so depressed, so angry this Christmas, its 9/11. Time for America to “man up” and deal with 9/11 once and for all.’

Now all said and done, there have been countless private studies and investigations that have torn apart every page of the Official Enquiry on 9/11. Engineers, Architects, Explosive Experts, Pilots etc. have carried out different investigations, none agreed with the official version. The BIG question that arises, who will reign in the actual perpetrators, actors and promoters of this gory drama that has cost millions of lives in the Muslim World?

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These millions of departed souls are asking, why were they massacred, what was their fault, why were they removed from the lives of their near and dear ones? Is there anyone who can rise and question on their behalf? Would the actual criminals, enemies of humanity, the gulpers of world resources and wealth be taken to task?   

Would the flag bearers of justice, fair play, human rights, seekers of truth etc. rise and come forward to fix the responsibility of 9/11 foul play before the world is annihilated in this wild fire torched by the Zionists and the Neo-Cons. These perpetrators and conspirators must be hunted and brought to justice if this world is to be made peaceful, a heaven on earth.

Raja Mujtaba has over 25 years of writings behind him. His focus is on the Muslim World in particular and all other areas where humanity is subjected to injustice, suppression and killings. He sees the world as a global living but not part of the New World Order that is a Zionist Agenda. His conviction is that there can be no peace without justice thus the root cause to every problem must be identified and addressed. Justice leads to peace that develops love. He is the founder of Opinion Maker.