A project of  Al Ghurair Giga Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited which they got official license from World Trade Center organizations located at New York , USA.

World trade center is consists of three portions:

  • Four levels Shopping Mall
  • Five Corporate Office Towers
  • 5 Star Luxury Hotel

world trade center islamabad

A beautiful areal view of Tower.

ariel view of world trade center islamabad

It’s one of the biggest investment in capital city of Pakistan. It’s also part of big game which is planned by property tycoon Malik Raiz. As his core motive to shift business area of twin cities towards Bharia Town…

No doubt such a big investment will generate a huge number of employment and also boost up business activities into twin cities of the country. But question is such type of buildings have some sort of demands in the city.

It’ll be second tallest building after Centaurus in Islamabad.

More than dozens of shopping mall is built in last two or three years and majority of them are vacant. No one is willing to take it on rent or buy as they re demanding a very high place. This will create a big problem in upcoming years.

No doubt a huge is business is shifted in Twin cities (Isloo & Rawalpindi) but still there is not such a high demand of these buildings.

Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan recently announced that to build a new International Airport in Rawat which is near by Defence and Bharia Town.