From last few years, I have kept an strong eye on Ge0-Political affairs. But sadly to knew that majority of events occurring around the globe based on hypocrisy. Meanwhile Media is playing a paid participant in all this matter. I try to give you some valid reasoning which strengthen my arguments regarding the so called paid Media.

Let’s start with Middle East. Two Giants TV Channel Press TV and AL Jazeera both owned by two rivalries Iran and Qatar( Ally of Saudi Arab ). Whatever the news is they represent it contrary to each other which truly depicts their backhand policies.

PressTV always criticize on Saudia Arab and Gulf monarch. They also engage in promoting terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Ansarullah (Houthis). They openly supporting them and representing these organizations are the blessing of Almighty ALLAH. According to Press TV, these two organizations are fighting for the rights of innocent people of Yemen and Lebanon and defending their lands. So whosoever is dying in all this circumstance being declared as a martyred. Furthermore, Press Tv headquarter based in Iran so it truly represent its policies either the matter of Iraq, Kurdistan, Yemen or Bahrain.

Al-Jazeera, Doha based leading News Channel in Arab world. With it’s news, seems to be less biased, as they hired, Mehdi Hassan who belongs to shia sect and very popular TV anchor criticize both rivalries in many programs but still some biasness delineate from their reporting. They never openly denounce gulf royal families policies and always try to give them a safe heaven.

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In contrast, Al Jazeera is far better than Press TV while Press TV only focus to promote shiasm and Khamenei expansion policy in Arab region. Presumably, Press Tv transmission will be ban in coming days in Gulf due to their open support to rebels and propagation of Arab spring.