Recently, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) created a policy that allows female employees to work from home.


Lamudi Pakistan sees this as a great step forward for women and their families and comments on how this can have an effect on the real estate market.

Giving a Boost to Families

In Pakistan, women have long been the caretakers of the home for the entire family, a job that is often thankless. As they have begun to enter the paid workforce in larger numbers, especially since circa 2012, women have not only been taking care of their homes and children, but have also been contributing more to household income.


The move by the PTA to allow their female employees to work from home provides these women with greater ease and flexibility in earning additional income for their families. Previously, women with children had to choose between family and work. Now they have more incentive to do both.


Since it has been shown that working from home can increase efficiency and productivity in some settings, the new policy is a benefit to workers, their families and to the company.

Giving a Boost to the Middle Class

Working from home means that female workers at PTA are now able to make money more easily and be more efficient and productive in both their personal and professional lives. It also means that their families will have greater access to real estate because of their professional flexibility.


Saad Arshed, Country Director for, commented, “The PTA has taken a pioneering step toward gender equality, and Lamudi believes that the effect of their choice can have lasting effects on how families enter the real estate market.”


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If the PTA’s decision becomes a nationwide trend, it will further empower the growing middle class of Pakistan, not only in terms of real estate, but in overall quality of life as well.