terrorism warWith whom Pakistan is fighting? 

By S. M. Hali                                                                                                                        

It is now more than a decade that Pakistan is bleeding & fighting against the menace of terrorism. Thousands of viewpoints are flooding in all forms of media with regards to this unseen enemy of Pakistan. One thing, however, still stands clear that they are indeed merciless and camouflaged. Which religion they belong cannot be commented as no religion teaches barbarism against the humanity.                               

Every faith forbids taking innocent lives. Nor does any religion permit the attack on women, children or old people. Assaulting places of worship, burial grounds and hospitals has also been prohibited by every school of thought. Yet the faceless enemies of Pakistan chose to deliberately target these taboos and incur the wrath of every peace loving citizen of the world.                        

Unfortunately, these social pariahs have taken it upon themselves to exploit the religion of Islam to mislead the people into committing heinous crimes. Islam is a religion of peace. Its teachings and tenets are very clear that they propagate kindness and mercy towards humankind and not barbarity and brutality. Yet these harbingers of havoc chose to quote Qurànic verses out of context and attempt to provide rationale to the simple and illiterate people that Islamic injunctions invoke wreaking havoc on disbelievers and those who collaborate with them. They justify the murderous assaults on ordinary Pakistanis and the armed forces of Pakistan by portraying them as allies of the disbelievers and thus fit for murder. Ever since Pakistan joined the war on terror, it has also been labeled as the enemy.

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There is no place for barbarity and cruelty in Islam, but unfortunately it has pervaded the Pakistani society to such an extent that bigoted pseudo religious leaders have distorted the tenets of Islam and are preaching violence against perceived offenders against Islam. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) was described as being a mercy in the Qu??n due to the message he brought for humanity:

“We sent thee not, but as a mercy for all creatures.” (Qu??n 21:107)

When a person analyzes the legislations of Islam with an open mind, the Mercy mentioned in the above quoted verse will definitely become apparent.  One of the aspects constituting an epitome of this Mercy is the way the legislations of Islam deal with people of other faiths.  The tolerant attitude of Islam towards non-Muslims, whether they are those residing in their own countries or within the Muslim lands, can be clearly seen through a study of history.

Islam abhors needless killing and exhorts the protection of the lives of the entire humanity. The Qu??n is emphatic:


“If you kill an innocent human, it is as though you have killed the entire humanity.”

                                                                                       (Qu??n 5:32)


The recent video uploaded by a TTP insider has certainly opened the eyes of many Pakistanis with regards to cast and creed of these animals. Playing football with human skulls, killed and heads chopped off by TTP Commander of Matini, Jangraiz Khan (as claimed by Rasool Jan the individual who up loaded the video) depict the brutal  mentality of the perpetrators of the despicable act, disrespect for human life and their limited knowledge of Islam which they claim they are following.

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Rasool Jan had joined the TTP in 2008, and parted ways with them after being exposed to the acts of barbarism by the thugs.

What to talk of Islam, no religion permits the desecration of dead bodies. Chopping off of noses, ears etc of human corpses are barbaric acts and should be condemned in the harshest possible terms. However, in the past we have seen videos of TTP leaders holding aloft the severed heads of Pakistan Army soldiers and showing them off with pride. This grisly and gruesome sight was abhorred by all but the latest video of using human skulls to play football, is so despicable that it depicts beastly and sick behaviour.                                                   This should lay to rest the so called controversy created by the Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Syed Munawwar Hassan, who had been preaching that slain TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud was a Shaheed. A number of others too had joined the chorus. The learned JI leader had decreed that while the barbarous TTP leader could claim the high pedestal of being a Shaheed, no member of the Pakistan Armed Forces, fighting the war against terror could be declared a Shaheed since the army was an ally of western powers. Such lopsided logic was challenged by the Pakistan Army as well as rational people of the country but the JI Amir did not relent. Close relatives of the Shaheed soldiers appeared on different TV channels expressing their grief at the desecration of the sacrifice of their near and dear ones.                                                                                                                            The people of Pakistan as well as the religious leaders like Syed Munawwar Hassan should see the light of the day and realize the true difference between the oppressed and the oppressor and review their declaration of Hakimullah Mehsud being promoted as Shaheed.

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It is also expected of leaders like Imran Khan to look into their policies towards the TTP and recognize them to be the barbarous, heartless and callous progenitors of hate. KPK’s provincial government of the Tehreek-i-Insaf Pakistan (TIP) has been violently targeted by the TTP and has lost a number of its leaders in heinous attacks. Yet the TIP is averse to the use of force against the TTP and insists on pursuing the path of dialogue for peace. The newly anointed leader of the TTP, Mullah Fazlullah, a coldblooded wielder of force and terror has denounced the possibility of negotiating peace with the government and is continuing dastardly attacks on targets of opportunity, including innocent civilians yet the TIP insists on restraining the use of force against the TTP. Historical analysis of successful negotiations for peace with miscreants and terror mongers has always been from a position of strength. The protagonists can be urged to seek peace only as redemption as opposed to total annihilation. The TTP has neither been beaten nor defeated. Pakistan has to make up its mind as to who it’s fighting against and have a concerted strategy to deal with them.