I’ve decided, I’ve seen enough, I was finally ready. My next target is the Windows Mobile camp!

You might be thinking, why I’m moving to an OS low number of applications, decrease in market share compared to the lack of basic features, the use of Android 2.3.6. Pleasant thing, but for me, is a good thing, I do not care. Download the application is not my hobby.

One of the biggest reasons I migrated because my current OS is giving me boring. Android Gingerbread is just plain boring, and I was too scared to upgrade to jelly beans, because I may end up more laggy equipment.

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Windows Phone is both lively and smooth. Performance in high-end and low-end phones than any Andr oid flagship. Top-class level.

2 years ago, when Nokia announced its intentions to make Windows Phone devices, rather than Android competitors, many of us see unbelief Finnish company, including myself. 2 years later, its decision is obviously by far the best one. Nokia can now exclusive phone and corresponding prices wishes.

This transition will not be without its shortcomings. ‘s Windows Phone is still a lack of a notification center (live tiles make up), so important to the application outside of all ununified volume control and custom. But at least I could not breathe, my phone does not crash.

Crash may not sound like a big deal gingerbread user, our phone crash a lot. Sometimes, my phone restart randomly without warning. In other cases, it will install a 33MB application, because “low storage”, even when I have 1.27GBs internal 2.2GBs external, non-contact storage left. What is painful. Performance in the mid-range between the upper end Android phone, there is a chasm. At least very annoying telephone between the Pakistanis that the iPhone has a better way to record boasted. Every time I use it, I was taken aback, and how it is smooth. Windows Phone is also very similar in this regard.

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After two years of expensive, quite limited, Microsoft’s mobile phone prices have dropped. LUMIA 620 best performing mid-range phone, HTC 8S, LUMIA 520 even sitting on a step.

Windows Phone side too, my next phone, is undoubtedly one of Lumia. The top of the mobile phone of Nokia’s own applications and technology Lumia WP choice. There are some other attractive options too much, but not near compelling (or energy) Lumias.

So there you have it. Everything can be summed up in three words: Performance, Live Tiles and differences. The profound social integration, cloud services (this is one for me) and the Office suite is enormous strengths.

I am still in the minority. To Microsoft to convince top of the application developers across borders. Before that, I do not think most people would feel like to jump ship.

Before you have a Nokia mobile phone (which is the first three phones, I once had, like most of the Pakistanis), I can not wait to return to Nokia.