Sometimes we became too angry and cross the limits and after some moments, we start realizing that what we did? Then we said, it’s not me, that’s my anger. But once we did wrong, it can’t be clean again.

It’s a mistake and anger of few seconds,  which sometimes ruined our whole life. A Killer most probably doesn’t want to kill the next person but he did the mistake.

It’s also astonishing that whatever we did a sin in our life which satisfy us but for very short span of time and the outcomes which generated from that heinous sins affect our lives for a long span of time.

That’s why I said, why we can’t understand ourselves?

We should stop for a moment and think about ourselves. Could we not give few minutes for own self in this busy schedule of life. If yes, then go ahead and think, what we want to do ?

We want to kill other who disagree with our point of view?

We want to tease others and get internal satisfaction for us?

If this is our thinking then most probably we are in great loss. What we get from all this, except curse from others , nothing else.

Then, your heart will say, No I want to help others and want to see other people smiley.

I will excuse, If I did mistake but I will never fight. Atlast he’s like me a Human being

And after that you will be realizing that you are living in a heaven…