Ever since Pakistan practically joined the USA’s so-called war on terror, in 2007, every Tom, Dick and Harry in White House administration and in Pentagon, is pressurizing Pakistan by a repeated slogan of “Do More”. And now lately Hillary Clinton has again stated these words on commenting on Pakistan referring to Obama’s new Afghan Policy.   
However, there is a very pertinent question to be asked to US administration and also Ms Clinton, on the issue of “Do More” that it has been only 2 years that Pakistan started military operation to wipe-out, CIA+RAW+Mossad sponsored, TTP and Pakistan’s forces achieved quite a success in this mission and have regained control on almost 90 TTP infested areas, in NWFP. However, the big question is what the US + NATO forces are doing in Afghanistan as they have been able to gain control only on 20% of Afghanistan in 9 long years, spending trillions of hard earned dollars of the US tax payers’ money…? Why US’s and NATO forces don’t “do more”…? Isn’t it illogical and beyond understanding that the US is not able to plug the border on the Afghan side but expects Pakistan to do so? Pakistan, with its limited resources has done much more than the US and NATO in Afghanistan with all the latest war machines at their disposal. Pakistan neither has Alladin’s lamp nor any magic wand that it can do every thing by a mouth blow. However Pakistani forces have shown the courage, resolve and professionalism to clean-up these TTP, the mercenaries of RAW, MOSSAD and CIA. America must be more honest and committed both to the war on terrorism and her most dependable ally Pakistan. On the contrary, America is waging a war on Pakistan that any fool or blind can also see. America needs to exert and distance both India and Israel from Afghan war where they are being awarded contracts after contracts and Pakistan is getting all the beating. America can win this war if it has the resolve and the courage to distance both India and Israel from here otherwise America is digging its own grave in Afghanistan where previous empires like Britain and Soviet Union lie buried.
In the war histories of the world the attacking forces of any country/s never ever announced about their plans and have always been taking the enemy by surprise but this is something surprising that US Commander, Gen. McChrystal, who has been appointed with much hope by Gates, always announces his strategy to attack the enemy in advance. For example the only one offensive made by US forces, during the last one year, was Operation Khanjar, in Southern Afghanistan wherein the US troops killed 23 civilians labeling them as “Taliban” and only one US soldier was injured, that too may be because of deliberate ‘friendly fire’ in order to show the world media as they had a ‘real’ dual with the Taliban. Now again Gen. McChrystal has announced to attack Helmund Province where, according to him, Taliban are getting together so instead of taking them by surprise he has ‘informed’ them in advance about attack by US force. Isn’t it surprising that the US general informing Taliban in advance about attack on them? It hasn’t been written in any war strategy books to inform the enemy in advance unless a drama is being staged for the consumption of the public at large.
The war having been outsourced to India and Israel, the US and NATO troops remain in their dens, playing cards, video games and watching movies as they to avoid casualties. Here the technology is being beaten by resolve where the Afghans in their rags tags are inflicting casualties on the invaders without fear or worry. In comparison if one sees the US or NATO troops that wear heavy protectives and carry the most sophisticated weapons who can call for airstrikes failing to subdue the Afghans. The Afghans are born soldiers, there is no induction, they are fighting for a cause, the liberation of their homeland, Americans questions themselves as to what are they doing there, killing people for no reason. These fighters and defendants of their motherland have not let any foreign power or invaders to take control of Afghanistan, and, at the end, have left their shoes and their dead behind while running from Afghanistan, ask Britain and the Russians, so the same fate is written for Americans as well, inshallah.
As a matter of fact India, in collaboration with Mossad, has misguided the CIA about the professionalism and fighting capability of Pakistan army, by telling them “cock & bull” stories of 1948, 1965, 1971 and Kargil wars with Pakistan. They, the Indians, must have painted the pictures, before the US administration and Pentagon, in such a way as if the Indians have been prevailing upon Pakistan army in all these wars and the Pakistan army is morally as well as tactically so incompetent that even the short-term trained mercenary force of the Northern Alliance, of Afghanistan, could defeat Pakistan army easily and hence could reach Islamabad without much hurdles. Therefore, the USA, believing in the “cock & bull” stories, of Indians, decided to go-ahead for “Crusade”, as Bush said it in his speech while ordering the US forces to invaded Afghanistan in order to take revenge of 9/11 and gave the name of this operation as “War-on-terror”. But in fact the basic motive behind all of it was to enter into Pakistan and take-over its’ nuclear arsenals which they, and the Indian too, thought was a child’s play.
Now USA is up to its neck in Afghanistan, likewise in Korea and Vietnam, in the past, which has not been so glorious for the US armed forces, whereas India, like a fast and selfish monkey, sitting as a back-stage actor, of this ‘drama’, continuously aiding TTP with men and material and persuading USA to stay on in Afghanistan, and rather enter into Pakistan in order to seize Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals, come what may, “Charh ja baita soolee pay Ram bhalee karay ga”, because India wants US to attack Pakistan in any case, no matter even if Pakistan uses nukes which Pakistan will for its’ survival. However, India and the US must know that Pakistan has NOT made these nuclear arsenals as “show pieces” and been put to be guarded by a few foot constables, therefore, could be seized very easily by a few bunch of CIA and Indian trained TTP or the US forces who could not go beyond 20% of Afghanistan during the last 9 years.
As a matter of fact these, state-of-the art nuclear pieces, of Pakistan, are so compact in accuracy as well as in numbers, for 2nd and 3rd strikes, that the Pakistan army could get the ‘desired’ results in seconds whether the enemy is in Afghanistan, India, and Israel or in Arabian waters. The nation is also prepared to face the back lash with the wholehearted desire that we must crush our enemies wherever they are, using all the stockpile of our nukes.
The moral of the story is “Don’t venture in an unknown jungle, blindly believing on the “cock & bull” stories told by a (selfish) monkey”.