Hamid Karzai questioned parts of Afghan constitution as he spoke earlier this week during a gathering to mark the seventh adoption year of Afghanistan's post-Taliban Constitution on January 4, 2011 in Kabul.

By Hanan Habibzai

The rule of Law is extraordinary crucial in Afghanistan to insure the security of local population. The creation of Afghan constitution has been funded by international community to ensure a democratic and legitimate post-Taliban society, but everyone saw, how Afghan government was abusing a law that cost billions of dollars and sacrifices. I also rarely see any international care to the constitution of Afghanistan. It has not been enforced since its creation. If you look at recent documents released by Wikileaks you will better judge how the constitution of Afghanistan has been abused by high ranking officials. Earlier this week Hamid Karzai addressed a gathering on the 7th anniversary of Afghan constitution, apparently considered it as an incomplete law. He mentioned a possibility of planning Loya Jirgah to solve the’ imperfect parts’ of the constitution.

??He didn’t reveal which part of constitution he believes, has to be updated, but I have to say what Karzai meant. He debated the constitution for its restriction on third term of presidency, it doesn't recommend him to remain in office for third time, thus he wants to amend that particular part of the law.

Reports suggest that a couple of days earlier he met number of northern alliance’s members to discuss the proposal but it is yet to be confirmed whether, they agreed or not? Apparently they should be supportive of him because Karzai is a perfect choice for the war criminals as they all hold key official posts in his government.

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If they reject his proposal it may result in the collapse of northern alliance era, northern alliance won’t continue without Karzai. The northern alliance’s leaders will support his idea for two reasons:
1. Most of the major businesses and foreign contracts are owned by high ranking Afghan officials including Karzai’s family, his two deputies and cabinet ministers. They don’t want to lose the financial incomes.
2. Most of the northern alliance leaders are listed as human rights abusers and violent foes who have to be reigned and tried as expected of a justice procedure. President Karzai has given them protection, so they need Karzai to be free and own big businesses, without Karzai they will face justice.

So, this type of effort may lead the country toward another period of anarchy and political instability, because Afghanistan is not Egypt to tolerate a Husani Mubarak. Afghanistan faces Taliban movement which has an increasing control over the belief of ordinary Afghans.

There is a huge gap of confidence between Karzai and ordinary people, his ten year experience resulted as a huge price for ordinary Afghan who was looking for peace and prosperity. The promises he made during his presidency never come true, instead the violence becomes widespread.

The bribery and official corruption becomes an everyday business within Karzai’s administration, high ranking officials remain involved in extensive political and financial corruption. The high ranking Afghan official involved in corruption can’t see a better future for their kids and themselves in Afghanistan so they need to transfer huge amount of state money to the foreign countries. Most of the cabinet ministers left their families abroad, for the reason they can’t trust the current situation of Afghanistan, even an Afghan teenager can simply feel it.

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More troops and more military efforts mean more civilians going to be killed, more women and men will witness the deaths of their sweethearts and so the violence will not bring a peace. The stalemate which cannot be broken by military means, the widespread corruption within Afghan government, and the unjust environment where the victim sees her/his killer dressed in official recruitments, then what’s happening? He/she has no option but to join the Taliban.

Thus the Taliban still effectively controls a vast swath of the country where government and international forces can only venture out of their heavily reinforced bases with air support.

Now it has been seen that the Taliban offers alternatives to the poor villagers, and spreading the gorilla control within non-Pashtun areas too. The issue of civilian deaths has increased anger towards the international community over a much broader set of issues. So, we still have troubles to win the hearts and minds.

If we imagine that Karzai’s recent statement on Afghan constitution doesn’t mean his own interest, what else is it going to be? Why Karzai questioned the constitution?

Hanan Habibzai was born in 1979  in Baghlan Province.  At the Soviet invasion,  his family entered Pakistan  he grew up in a refugee camp near Peshawar. After completing his secondary education in Peshawar, he studied at Kabul University. Just before the fall of Taliban regime in 2001,  Habibzai began working with the BBC World Service as a correspondent and as a freelancereporter for Reuters in Afghanistan. Currently he is based in London, writing on the conflict in Afghanistan and the regional politics. Habibzai is known as one of the key critics of warlords and war criminals in the country who are still holding power. While in the UK, since last year he is working  for  Radio liberty as freelance correspondent covering the Afghan and Pakistan related issues around Europe and the UK. During his work for Radio Free Europe he covered Afghanistan: London Conference in the beginning of 2010. He also produced several stories on Illegal migrants and the business of human traffickers. Habibzai is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker.