Altaf Hussain is not just a name, it’s a philosophy. That’s why MQM supporter raises only one slogan “We don’t need a destination, want a leader”. People like him born in centuries. He is a long thinker and strategic planner too. Due to these qualities, He made MQM Pakistan fourth , Sindh second, and Karachi largest Political Party.

People always miss interpreting his words, when people of Karachi were raising this slogan. A man sitting beside me, laughing and saying how abnormal these people are , they don’t want a destination, concern about their leader.  I replied, did you understand the slogan. He replied, yes, Obviously! I said, then from now you are also supporting MQM? He replied,  Never, ever!

I smile and said, it’s mean you don’t understand the MQM philosophy yet. So, he replied, ok you told, what’s that?

I said, just took one slogan and try to understand it contextually. We need a leader, not a destination. Do you know what’s the main reason for the success of today’s Europe, they did strategic planning and now they are a developed nation. Altaf Hussain is also a person who always think to achieve long-term goals.  He used tactics in Politics. For a short span of time people starts hating him, but when time passed, they realized, Bhai was right!

Let suppose we got the destination, but don’t know how to maintain the success, it’s useless. It’s just like that, four days of shining and then deep dark. you people forgot Quaid-e-Azam denied to give Governorship to Lord Mountbatten due to only this reason. We achieved our destination at that time and due to this deny we lost Kashmir and too many districts located in current India because of strategic decision had taken by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. If lord Mountbatten leads us from creation then today, there is no name of Pakistan because how much roof is strong,but pillars are weak ,building not survive for much time.

  Syria First!

A person belongs to lower middle class in Pakistan , Can He/she think to become a Member of National Assembly??? It only is possible through this man who are fighting against feudal.

Jiya Altaf!