As everyone is aware from the slogan of Pakistan Peoples Party Roti(MeaL) Kapra (cloth) Makan (House).It make sense and they tried to give these three things.  It’s other matter they failed to do.
While Imran Khan come up with his own slogan ” Adultery Gambling & Drinking”.
He involved in all these three things and a huge experience of above three items. He’s the person who left all Pakistani girls just to get the fame and money and married to a daughter of Jewish Millionaire. His sons doesn’t look Pakistani and they don’t like Pakistan as well. They said this country is dirty place. Please Papa we wanna go back to our own Country ENGLAND.

Imran Khan said, Yes my son. Let me eat this country like a burger. that’s why they opened doors for all burger Kids of Karachi Islamabad Lahore and even he tried to make Pashtuns as well:P

But be remember he is the most hypocrite person in this country. Who is doing all this to get fame and money. He left people alone who were doing protest against drone attacks. One sided, he said we are liberal and other side inviting Talibans for talks. What non sense all this  but still people like them. Is it possible that you have one thing to choice in two and you said, i will get both. Impossible. When he visit KPK, he shows himself a great muslim and when he visit his homeland UK present himself Number # 1 Gambler , Adulter and drinker.

Seeta White , Imran khan's girl friend

Seeta White , Imran khan’s girl friend