Today is 14th august, the day Every Pakistani is proud of, the days which depicts the sacrifices and the unquestionable effort of people to make Pakistan happen. Every year we listen to the stories our grandparents tell us, turn on TV channels with to see people enjoying their national holiday, Turning our Facebook and Twitter profile pictures with Pakistani flag and sharing that how much we are proud of what was done 70 years ago.


What are we proud of? What are we celebrating? Why are we so happy? Why do we celebrate victory of every individual and tag him/her that a Pakistani did that? We are so insecure and so lazy; we have a false sense of patriotism in ourselves.


If we really loved Pakistan, we would have done something or made an effort, even a little one, but we didn’t and still I see only few good people who really believe in this country and their actions speak for themselves not their Facebook DPs. You don’t need  a megaphone to share your love for your country. We blame everything on government, America, India and ‘Yahoodi Sazish.


The purpose of this blog is not to criticize, but to let people know that if we look for pride in others action we become lazy and it is a sickness in us that we want a leader to make things better for us. I am not telling you to go out on streets and start a revolution and start bashing people’s believes, because its sound easy at first but when it demands some sacrifice we go back to our homes and say we did our part, the rest of the revolution will take care of itself, half-heartedness never results in success.

  The Mouse That Roared

If you really love Pakistan and want to make it a better country, first start believing in it and everything it produces, as a business student I think we can start buying our own products. When you go to a supermarket make a decision to buy the products that are developed in our own country by a local producer. No matter how small an item is, from FMCGs to electronics; yes electronics include smart phones, computers and laptops other gadgets. And while doing this make yourself heard, by product feedbacks on their websites or social media pages. So they will know and will start making things better.

One of the examples is ‘Dany’. A product made by our own local engineers and a local company. The company is starting off well and believe me they have made improvements they can make things better with our help. This applies to all the local brands and local manufacturers. I know the start will be difficult but small steps make big things happen. Imported brands are and we all like to use them, it may be Apple, Samsung, Nestle, Coke, McDonalds, Burger king, all are very good but there are not Pakistani. I know it’s difficult but all of them have substitutes; Dany Smart phones, Murree Brewery, Local restaurants etc. We just have to use these brands let them know we are buying their products, and give honest feedbacks. It’ll help them develop and improve.


I hope you guys a happy 14th August. Be Pakistani, Use Pakistani.