By Sajjad Shaukat

Latest technologies are continuously being utilized by the new warriors to wage psychological warfare in order to carry out various forms of economic, financial and political attacks. In this regard, media attacks through networks and websites have added a new domain to the psychological warfare, opening the new international diplomatic arena in the ongoing cyber-age.

In this connection, debate still keeps on going in the world regarding WikiLeaks’ disclosures. Judging in these terms, release of the new secret documents which have targeted Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria including some other Islamic countries in general and Pakistan in particular are the plot of their collective enemies through WikiLeaks. Although the cables of the WikiLeaks have also disclosed some material about Russia, Britain, Israel and India, yet it has given a little coverage to these countries only to show the truthfulness and impartiality. However, the main aim of the revelations of this website is to distort the image of Pakistan.

In its surprising disclosures, the WikiLeaks have disclosed that the SaudiArabia’s King Abdullah had made scathing remarks about the leadership of Pakistan, calling President Asif Ali Zardari as the greatest obstacle to Pakistan’s progress, and have also called Pakistan’s politician of the opposition, Nawaz Sharif as a dangerous man.

No doubt, Pakistan is the special target of the documents of the WikiLeaks which accused that in a March 12, 2009 cable by the former US ambassador to Pakistan, Anne Patterson stated  that the head of the army, General Ashfaq Kayani, considered pushing Zardari from office and forcing him into exile to resolve a political dispute. She aslo alleged that Pakistan continues to support the militant group which carried out the 2008 terrorist attacks on Mumbai despite its claims to have launched a crackdown on the organisation.

Besides, the leakage of these secret documents has accused Pakistan’s army and its superior spy agency, ISI of supporting the Afghan Taliban. The WikiLeaks cables also show US concern over the safety of nuclear weapons and radioactive material in nuclear power stations of our country, with fears that the same could be used in terror attacks. In this respect, in a May 2009 cable, US ambassador Anne W Patterson said that Pakistan had refused a visit from US experts.

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Nevertheless, the main aim of the revelations of the WikiLeaks is not only to bring about divisions between the political and military leadership of our country, creating differences among Islamabad and other Islamic countries but also to tarnish the image of Pakistan in the comity of nations.     

Most of the allegations of the WikiLeaks are not new as from time to time, US-led some states—especially India have been blaming Pakistan for backing of Afghan Taliban, and in connection with the safety of nuclear weapons. Particularly, by following the continued blame game of the US high officials and media, the leaked cables incdicated that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI)is behind Lashkar-e-Taiba which had killed 166 people in a series of attacks in Mumbai. In this context, the contradiction of the WikiLeaks is also notable. As it also mentioned that the Chief of Pakistan’s ISI, Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha said that he had conveyed to Washington—threat information that an attack would be launched against India between September-November, 2009 and he had been in direct touch with the Israelis on possible threats against Israeli targets in India.

Question also arises; either these diplomatic leaks are a deliberate disclosure by the US Administration or it is self-attempt by the WikiLeak’s founder Julian Assange. In this context, some sources suggest that secret cables have been deliberately leaked through the Julian Assange who was funded by the secret agencies such as American CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad which also funded him.

In the recent days, the media all over the world have depicted these cables and created diplomatic upheaval—especially to tarnish the image of Pakistan. In this regard, it is notable that diplomacy has many meanings and it keeps on changing in accordance with the changes which occur in the global arena which is now led by the sole superpower and its special allies like India and Israel.

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Diplomacy which is conducted through lies, half-truths and deceit in the sense of Machiavelli, Hobbes and Morgenthau—also hinders, eliminates and reduces the interstate obstacles that come in way of big countries’ interest realisation. American, Indian and Israeli’s interests have been protected by the WikiLeaks through shrewd diplomacy by particularly targeting Pakistan. However, all this fall in the category of this deceitfulness, and is trait of modern diplomacy.

Now-a-days storage of classified documents is handled by complex methods; these are encrypted, encoded and are safeguarded by elaborate access procedures. No hacker can access, decode passwords and decrypt the text to make it readable. The manner these 250,000 documents have been flashed on WikiLeaks website clearly indicates as if Washington, New Delhi and Tel Aviv are in secret collusion to tarnish the image of Pakistan which is the only nuclear country in the Muslim World. And American, Indian and Israeli spy agencies are in connivance to weaken Pakistan. These agencies have also been supporting insurgency, movements of separatism, bomb blasts and targeted killings in our country as part of their clandestine strategic game. Apart from other tragic events, assassination of Salman Taseer, the Governor of Pakistan’s Punjab—who was indirectly shot by his own security guard on January 4 this year might be cited as the latest example. Nevertheless, besides Islamabad, its close allies China and Iran are particular targets of the WikiLeaks’ cables.

It is mentionable that by following the old western policy of “divide and rule”, the foremost purpose of the disclosures of the WikiLeaks is also to further accelerate their sectarian differences among the Islamic countries in general and Pakistan in particular.

Again, it is of particular attention that secret agencies like CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad are behind the revelations of the WikiLeaks as part of a plot, while both India and Israel have still a secret collusion and with the tactical support of the US, are acting upon a secret diplomacy. Although whole of the Islamic world is target of Indo-Israeli secret collusion, yet the same has intensified in case of Pakistan, China and Iran. In this regard, US-led some western countries have also been backing the Indo-Israeli nexus overtly or covertly. 

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It is worth-mentioning that documents of the WikiLeaks have given only a little bit coverage to the Indian atrocities in the occupied Kashmir, while the same are silent over Israeli brutal treatment and use of chemical weapons in the controlled territories of the Palestine.

The leaked cables have directly or indirectly favoured India because of the fact that America has its political and economic interests in that country which serves as the largest market. And the US has its strategic interests in the region, while New Delhi is its main ally to counterbalance China in Asia.

Notably, the documents of the WikiLeaks have also neglected Indian secret activities in Afghanistan from where well-trained militants are being sent to Pakistan in order to attack the security personnel, and to commit suicide attacks, while supporting the separatists of Balochistan.

In fact, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad with the help of American CIA and strong Indo-Israeli lobbies are working in the US and other European countries against the interests of the Islamic countries—particularly Pakistan. They are well-penetrated especially in the US Administration. They have played a key role in preparing and publishing the US embassy cables, especially to intensify their blame game against ISI and to distort Pakistan’s image including other Islamic countries.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations