By Adeela Naureen and Umar Waqar

Painstakingly built, nourished and trumpeted for a decade, the Eurozone and EU face crises of existence and identity, on the very first call for help from economically underprivileged members like Greece, Ireland and even Spain. The test of any union of states is not in hey days, when the sun shines brightly, but in adversity and despair, and it appears that Eurozone and EU members with better economic health have already decided to call it quits. The sentiments were recently echoed in the European Parliament at Strasbourg by honorable member from UK Mr Nigel Farage who shouted at the top of his voice, “the Euro breakup is inevitable it is just a question of how, Euro is doomed”

What has gone wrong with Europe and where is it heading to? This is an important question of our times as it not only affects Africa as a regions but also its member states like Zimbabwe. This piece intends to address this very important question.

Despite tall claims of unity and façade of progress, Europe has never been a monolith, it has been a colossus of ethnic communities with distinct cultural and national backgrounds, artificially huddled into Brussels to put a brave face in this challenging world where, Rise of the Rest (BRICS+Next 11) was not only visible on the wall but projected by think tanks and intellectuals almost two decades ago.

Very first strategic problem relates to geopolitics. With stagnant economies and lack of creative approaches in geopolitics and blind following of Bushairism (Bushism+Blairism) into blind alleys of West Asia, Middle East and even Africa. Chasing artificially created and unseen enemies, Europe was destined to become bankrupt. Unfortunately, the loudest call for dismantling of Euro is coming from 10 Downing Street, who was instrumental in rallying the entire Europe in assault across the Mediterranean against Libya and spending billions on this futile war which has unleashed forces of instability in Africa. Africa which had seen its part of crises in DR Congo, Central Africa as well as Horn of Africa and was about to achieve a sense of normalcy and stability after decades of war has been jolted by tumultuous events unfolding in North Africa. Today the Tuaregs of Mali want an independent status, tomorrow it will be some other group asking some other African state to do the same.

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Second strategic reason for Europe to develop the negative tendency of fracture, lies in a not so hidden trend, the demographic catastrophe, which has been slowly but steadily gnawing at its roots for last six decades. It may be difficult to summarize the trend in a small paper like this, I would recommend worthy readers to go through Pat Buchannan’s book, The Death of the West .Deliberate and systematic demolition of cultural values and family system in Europe has gradually pushed the entire continent into negative population growth, majority of states have crossed the Rubicon of below replacement level negative growth and put their entire race on a plane with one way ticket to extinction. The immigrants from Asia and Africa are the last wall standing against the total collapse of Europe. An estimated 150 million immigrants will be required to keep Europe floating for another decade at the current level of development (stagnant economy). But, this immigrant population may not be able to deliver the goods, enters Anders Behring Breivik of Norway.

The third strategic problem staring the Europe straight on her face is the projected contest between the non white immigrant and the native white. Andres Behring Berevik’s trial, and his deliberations in the court said it all.The Telegraph reported an account of court proceedings at Oslo on 17th April,few remarks and deliberations by Mr Breivik are quoted here for highlighting the political and psychological clash between the native whites and the non white immigrants.  As Breivik's defence lawyers had warned, he expressed no regret for his massacre of 69 people, mostly teenagers, on the island of Utoya last July."Yes, I would have done it again," he said. "These were not innocent, non-political children, but these were people who actively worked to uphold multi-cultural values.

"The youth wing is in many ways similar to the Hitler Youth. It's an indoctrination camp at Utoya."

Breivik compared himself to other racist serial killers in Europe, such as Peter Mangs, the Malmo serial killer who in 2010 picked off immigrants with a sniper rifle, and Germany's NSU group, who killed more than 10 immigrants over the last decade.

"It is important that more patriots in Europe assume responsibility like I did, and men like Peter Mangs in Malmo did," he said. "They are all perfect foot soldiers …. for nationalist rebirth. Europe needs more great heroes like them."(Quotations closed)

Fourth strategic question is the yawning gap between the haves and the have-nots, which lead to Occupy Wall Street Movement. Despite best efforts by Western Media to play down the movement, the cat has not only come out of the bags but started shaking the very foundation of capitalism; Europe without capitalism will be like erstwhile USSR without communism. The IMF has been found begging the emerging economies to fill up this bottomless basket with half a trillion dollars so that the haves can maintain their ruthless control of the have-nots, developing nations have to ask one basic question, is it going to change anything or Europe will ask for another bailout package after 2015, that no one including the emerging economies will be able to pay.

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For Africa and countries like Zimbabwe, there is a word of caution, review your trade and commerce with the Euro Zone and its affiliates, keep a steady watch on Euro as its demise may be sooner than later and develop your fire walls for a likely collapse of Euro Zone. The look East policy has already started bearing fruit, just keep it up.