By Marie Nelson

At one time the expansion and proper establishment of any business depended on such factors like, ones capabilities to traverse lands and oceans, garner support from the Kings and queens etc. Paperwork which largely dominated the field were manually made and laboriously maintained, voluminous rosters and records were preserved regarding every detail of the business. All in all, any business no matter how big or small required a lot of manual input which consumed a considerable amount of time and energy of the proprietors/partners etc; time which could be put into better use in other aspects of the business.

But fast forward to the 21st century, these problems have been cut down greatly due to the technological revolution we have been noticing for the past few decades. The internet and the profusion of several kinds of software in the market today, make our professional and personal lives easier today, by leaps and bounds. One such helpful software available to business houses today is the Marketing automation software and these are increasing in popularity with each passing day. But not everybody is still quite clear of what it is and how it can help them.
We often come across definitions on product sites which state the following ‘CRM & Marketing Automation – we help companies automate the sales process by building great automated marketing programs that qualify and segment leads and close more clients’. This pretty much sums up what market automation does, though briefly. But for a better understanding of the software you need to know a bit more.

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Marketing automation- marketing services for financial industry

This little technological innovation goes a long way in benefiting any business, no matter what its size. It is essentially software which is designed for cutting down on the repetitive jobs of marketing departments and organizations. It goes a long way in reducing human error, saving time and energy of marketing employees and consultants.  At the first glance following are the characteristics of the software which stand out:

  1. Marketing automation helps organizations gather prospects and nurture them. It helps start off one to one communication with new prospects and convert them into satisfied customers. It also helps in the lookout for new contacts and their conversion. It focuses largely on the marketing team like the marketing departments, consultants and part-time marketing employees, and its main occupation is focussing on the front end of demand generation.
  2. This software in character is more of an execution platform.  It is guided with strong rules and focuses on enterprise-grade email/digital-communication sending facilities as well as processing. But that is not all; it further helps in storing and tracking critical marketing data, especially those involving all prospects’ Web behaviours, as well as activities with downloads and content offers designed as rejoinders to nurturing emails.
  3. The main function market automation is generating demand based on a buyer’s own personal demand; this is what sets this software apart from traditional email mass marketing and lends it more props than any other standalone technology and turns it into a mode for strategic campaigning. What it does is engage the buyer on an individual basis, involving their own personal choice through a clear cut strategy using scoring, segmentation, automated campaign management etc.
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So, overall you can understand that market automation provides marketing services for the financial industry; it helps generate more and more demand from business to business by converting the buyer’s first interest into demand based choice.

Author’s Bio – Marie is a veteran finance blogger. Apart from her own blog, she also writes of different blogs dealing with finance niche.