Islamic State of Iraq & Levant is abbreviation of ISIL while Islamic State of Iraq & Syria is ISIS. Abu Bakr Al Baghadadi leading this group. According to Shia sect, these all are takfiri and so called muslims while brelvi (One of the leading sect in Pakistan) declared them as khawrij.
This group is leading by wahabi thoughts leadership.

Hanbali, Wahabbi or Ahle-hadith are synonym of each other.

ISIL backed by US (CIA) and Saudi Intelligence according to Press Tv (Iran most viewed Television). Iranian Government also declared ISIL as a biggest threat to their sovereignty.

ISIL is wahabi dominant Jihadi group whose motive is to establish Caliphate in entire muslim world. ISIL also became world richest Jihadi group whose wealth increases to $2 Billion.

Many jihadi group announced their support to Islamic state of  Iraq and levant. ISG is new term used for this group abbreviation of Islamic state of Group.

Islamic state of iraq and levant flag