Now a days it’s hot topic – Revolution in entire world. That’s why Tahir ul Qadri become a revolutionary leader and claim that they will give freedom to the whole Pakistan from some feudal lords who hijacked this nation as terrorist group.

We are the richest country but still suffering from poverty on large scale. Poor people are dying from hunger and injustice. Prior Imran Khan, PTI Chairperson entered into politics by a slogan of change and now they become a part of this system.  Nothing changed only new faces starts ruling this country.

What actually revolution is?

Is it come from bloodshed. Or it changed the entire system. When monsters crossed every limits and the level of patience ends up in local bodies then revolution come? If yes then who lead this revolution, specially in our country. where everyone claim himself a leader. Altaf Hussain also claimed himself a revolutionary leader and represent one community in Pakistan. But for revolution in entire country need a person who is dominant in all four provinces.

Qadri represent the whole nation?

Obviously not, He is leader of political religious party. who represent only one sect of people. They are leading Brelvi sect. And according to Wikipedia 55-60% people belongs to this group of thoughts.  Hence proved that he is controversial person due to his religious sermons.

If you check his popularity, you came to know that he is only famous in Punjab. Even majority of people in Balouchistan don’t know his name as well.

Takfiri group called him his biggest enemy and he is on his top of list. So his life is full of danger from Takfiris.


He holds dual nationality. He lead people from container which shows that he is not brave person. I think they should get lesson from Upcoming Iraq revolution how people are fighting for their rights.

tahir ul qadri