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What are the things your website should have in 2014?

Responsive Design

Now people open websites not only from Desktops and Laptops. Around one third of Internet users are accessing websites through Tablets and Smartphones. It’s necessary that your site should be Mobile and Tablet friendly. Otherwise you lose one third visitors of your website just due to lack of responsive design.

Dynamic Design

One of the important reason to make website dynamic is that if you don’t know coding still you can update your website without getting any assistance of developer.  Which saves you from maintenance cost which incurred in case of static of websites. Managing enterprise website is hectic task but after invention of Content management software, it become a easy task.

SEO Friendly 

It doesn’t matter that you have a website, now it’s very important that your website visible on internet. For this the most using technique is Search Engine Optimization. It generate organic traffic for your website. More people visits your website there is more chance that you will get more clients and customers. Ultimately, it will increase your profitability.


Your website should be based on HTML 5 tags rather than old HTML 4.  Form validation is very easy in HTML 5. You can add html4 tags in HTML5.

Elegant Design

Your website should be good in color scheme, which attract user and retain on your website.

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User Friendly

Navigational menus should place in proper format. Sometimes people create such a unique design which put user in trouble in searching their required information from the site. I always suggest to all developer to place menus on a visible and most appropriate place where you user can navigate easily.

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