The events of 9/11 created dramatic changes in the lives of peoples all across the globe. A new term widely used TERRORISTS for Muslims, was spread like a virus. Instead of developing hate and fear, this event and vocabulary got more people to study and read about Islam. It became a blessing in disguise, since more people have started to take to Islam that has become the focus of studies and discussions. Islam reissued, people are reverting to it. Now on one hand Muslims, themselves are now reading Real teachings of Quran and learning about the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) guidance to know the basics of religion. They want to know about real Islam which is a very positive thing to do as this is the only way to learn about any faith or religion. Unfortunately majority of Muslims specially new generations born in and raised in the West were unaware about the original Islamic studies, so 9/11 and criticism of media compelled them to go back to the origin; now they are well aware of it and found that Islam has been misinterpreted and misrepresented, twisted the belief around to fit their own needs by some individuals and groups. Thereafter people are getting closer to real Islam,

There has been much talk about Muslim beliefs and the Islam nation altogether. The basis of the religion is peaceful and understanding. Growth of Islam unbelievably is higher after 9/11.There are between 6 to 7 million Muslims in America today. In other words, Muslims outnumber some Christian denominations and may be outnumbering certain other religious minorities both in the US and elsewhere in the West. Researches done in the year 2000 by prominent American universities and Islamic foundations show that the number of Muslims is increasing rapidly and that Islam is getting popular by the day.
This rapid growth of Islam in America was reported in a news article, “Islam Is Growing in America,” by Jodi Wilgoren, The New York Times, 10/22/2001, also on the American army Internet site ( and a New York Times article, “Islam Attracts Converts by the Thousands,” contains interviews with converts, analyzes Islam’s rapid rise in America, and states
After Sept.11,Siebert-Llera, Jewish lawyer , who knew enough to differentiate between the Islamic extremists who hijacked the planes and the majority of practicing Muslims, decided to know more about Islam converted to Islam by saying that,
“I felt like I finally found a house where I can place all my morals, my ideals,” He said first I bought a copy of Quran and just skimmed through the pages. I did not find the passages that some said advocated terrorism.” After 2 years constant study of Islam. He called his parents and older sister, Andrea, on Oct. 6, 2004. He converted to the Islam.
It’s not in America alone everywhere in the world this is happening, especially in Europe, Rupee News paper, published from New York, printed a news on July 20th, 2008: In a recent interview with the BBC, British Home Secretary Jack Smith made some interesting observations about the rapid spread of Islam in Europe.
According to Smith, around 50,000 British are converting to Islam each year and since 2001, four hundred thousand British have converted to Islam. He said the Muslim population in Britain has reached 2 million and followers of Islam are now the second biggest population in Britain after Christians. He even suggested setting up an Islamic University in Britain given the overwhelming population of the Muslims in that country.
All these references and statics show that Islam has been republished after 9/11 and war on terror did not affect on its universal acceptance, and could not erase it from the globe but gave it a new shining face after dusting off the mist of misunderstanding, provided a chance to have insight of it.

Ghazala Awan is a lawyer by profession. She specialises in Civil and Family Law.