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Philadelphia, PA September 2010…………“Why are Wall Street’s billionaires so whiny? Is it really possible to make $900,000 an hour (not a typo — that’s what the top ten hedge fund managers take in), and still feel aggrieved about the way government is treating you? After you’ve been bailed out by the federal government to the tune of $10 trillion (also not a typo) in loans, asset swaps, liquidity and other guarantees, can you really still feel like an oppressed minority”? Posted by Les Leopold [34]

Wailing Wall Street

The answer is simply [because they can] [38].  ‘Wailing Wall Street’ comprises one segment that is representative of 21st Century American deception.  A deception perpetrated by automaton bureaucratic military satraps and financial banking quislings.  For most of us, what exactly is a quisling?  ‘Quisling is a traitor [43] working for an occuping force.’  Mask of Zion: 911” [35] “A Nation Cannot Survive Treason from Within” c.103BC Cicero [43]

Moreover, this statement is not a false assumption or a speculative perception that will easily be digested by the majority of Americans. The majority of citizenry are kept extremely distracted by visual and sound bytes perpetuated by Hollywood and mainstream media patriotic propaganda marketing and artificial political fall election subject matter distractions.

Mass media conditioned  generations of citizenry to believe the past press 18th 19th and 20th Century buzz words hype copy and mythology that includes the following; patriotic, democracy, liberty for all, beacon of light for humanity, merit, free markets, and excellence highest achievement of ‘Once Upon A Time in America.’ The conflict presented in the 21st Century is the antithesis or looking in the rear view mirror of past greatness simultaneously accelerating imperious illegal wars and empire while supressing  the unparalleled accomplishments of ‘We The People’ who created America by the extreme spirit, values, belief, faith, labor, and community. Thereby manufacturing 21st Century myth of American beacon and light of excellence to humanity.

  Pakistan: Dual nationality - Dual loyalties?

The accelerating trajectory of U.S. occupation criminal state [44] by corrupt Wailing Wall Street, crony media, bureaucratic ‘think tanks’, military satraps, ivy league academic Zionists, and banking criminals colluding quislings manufacturing the final demise and collapse of America.  “The symbiotic relationship with Israel leads the US down the blind ally of totalitarian barbarism and endless colonial wars.  In contrast China deepens its links with the dynamic economies of South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil and the oil riches of Russia and the raw materials of Africa” Posted by James Petras [42]

US Government Detriment to ‘We The People’

‘We The People’ totally ignored minimized rendered irrelevant and spied on [41] to the detriment of the U.S. Constitution and Articles Bill of Rights [1] [29].  Abused financially, morally, and physically by supreme dysfunctional criminal lazy intellect underachievers [14].  Underachieviers who are permitted to exist against the will and to the detriment of ‘We the People’ simply [because they can] [38]. Operating in a bubble of narcissistic self anointed reverse victim anomalies [23], whiners, wimps, and complainers paradoxically holding in contempt the masses of humanity by their absolute lack of self dignity, ignorance, greed, avarice, genocides [39], artificial pious and sanctiminious stupidity.

Criminal Systemic Policy

Humanity is not required to look over the horizon to discover the overrepresented occupying force [17] [18] expoiting multiple ‘Wailing Wall Street’ scams, war profiteering, swindles, thefts, to big to Fail replaced by legions of to big to Fails, and the confiscating of global citizenry labor, property, assets, and wealth.  Shadowing criminal systemic; foreign, domestic, financial, and economic policy under the subterfuge of very complex and cryptic contracts. These capitol crimes are all interrelated. Who benefits? “The answer to this question is always: The Zionist elite.” Posted by Jonathan Azaziah [35]

  Colonial Powers Lack in Moral Courage

Summary Wailing Wall Street Quislings

Sad sack satire of an occupying force of 21st Century America in the first decade that continues to project humanity in contempt with artificial arrogance, illegal wars [31], fear, confiscation of global labor property assets wealth, including continued “ZPC Destruction of Civilizations” Posted by James Petras [39]. Finally, imperious arrogance of ignoring the supreme legacy passed down through the ages from the ‘Senate and People of Rome.’  SPQR creators, builders, protectors, nurturers, of civilizations society, culture, and laws [37]. Not quisling totalitarian barbarian destroyers expoiting the will of global citizenry and ‘We the People’ [40].

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21st Century Reverse Pyramid Scheme, AK47 Blog, and 21st Century Reverse Pyramid blogspot and website were accidently ignited by the spark of absolute and total U.S. corruption, criminal anomalies, paradoxical operators of rigged markets, and automaton collapse of bureaucratic financial and economic crony apparatus.  Including the deception that Mr. Carlo Ponzi Italian Immigrant invented an exclusive scam, that is responsible for USA and global demise and collapse.  Further, the outrageous discriminations projected against the entire global spectrum of humanity by American dysfunctional ideologues.