Improving infrastructure, increasing internet users and increasing awareness in Pakistan have led to the creation of an ‘intelligent’ consumer. They know what to buy online and what to avoid. Also with the advent of e-commerce we can see many corporations taking their business online, we can also see an increase in the overall online shopping trend in Pakistan. This dictates that with increasing technological advancement, we will see a dramatic increase in the transparency of shopping online in Pakistan. So, in the near future it will be nearly impossible to provide falsified information online about any product.

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One recent interesting development in online shopping industry of Pakistan is that, the level of transparency of specifically pricing is on the rise. This can be attributed to the fact that recently, many online shopping websites with price comparison features have been introduced in Pakistan. These websites are an easy and effective way to find cheap but good quality products; hence, these websites have gained popularity in a short period of time. The major benefits of these online shopping stores with most recent updated prices are:

1-      Save Time & Clicks

The primary purpose of an online shopping site is that with just a few clicks the customer is able to identify the price of the particular product he/she is looking for without any hassle of going from one shop to another in order to get their desired products at relatively cheaper prices.

2-      Find Best Available Products

Online shopping in Pakistan offering price comparison facility for various products has also proved to be a great help when it comes to finding better versions/quality/ designs etc. of the same product. Thus such price comparison e-commerce websites help to look for the best products available in market with lowest prices without the hassle of wandering the markets.

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3-      Specific Price Comparison Websites

There are several online shopping sites in Pakistan which have introduced online price comparison facility for some specific products and provide the information only about a particular market. For example, we can see many online shopping sites in Pakistan launched recently which specifically cater to the needs of the people who are looking to buy mobile phones online in Pakistan. The rapidly increasing trends of comparing mobiles prices in Pakistan has greatly affected the buying and selling trends of mobiles and other electronics in Pakistan. Now, buyers already know about the prices of mobiles which they are going to buy from a market so shopkeepers can no longer charge higher prices for mobiles and electronic products which are also available online.

There are some fundamental problems with some of the price comparisons website which are that, firstly, some websites tend to compare the wrong products with different features. Secondly, many price comparison websites in Pakistan do not provide reliable information and most recently updated prices. Thirdly, people tend to buy mobiles online in Pakistan based on their popularity rather than their prices.

It is very important for price comparison websites of online shopping to address these issues. If the layout or the structure of the website isn’t simple or effective and if it’s not helping in reducing the time it takes to find the information you are looking for then it’s nearly impossible to gather a large customer base. Furthermore, just having a user-friendly website isn’t enough; it needs to be constantly updated with all the latest information about products. Also, the information needs to be reliable and accurate as to ensure the credibility of your website.   Finally, people need to be educated about the fact that the most popular products may not be the best products out there. So, focus on buying products which are within your budget.

  UN: Israel Has Violated International Law is one of the recently introduced one stop online shopping sites in Pakistan where people can buy anything and everything with the convenience of fast shipping and cash on Delivery all over Pakistan. Also, the website has detailed product and pricing information of the same products which are being offered by different vendors. Hence, this helps a lot when it comes to price comparison and you can choose whichever product you want according to your budget.