untangling the Pakistan-US alliance!

‘If we look at the defenders of current regime in media we find a daughter of one of the most corrupt man, a former civil servant. He might have link with the memo gate and also running ‘parallel intelligence network’ from presidency, especially targeting Punjab Government run by PML-N leader Shabaz Sharif. All these defenders are cronies, imposed and unelected especially the bunch of mouthy women and men.'

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

USA is not the enemy of Pakistan and/or at the same time married to Pakistan. Countries keep each other engaged with mutual policy of interests and common grounds. If Pakistanis don’t look after their own interests, no one else is going to do for them? It is the adoption of the policy of PBR (Payment By Results) which caused enormous harm to the US, its allies and friends. In last 10 years, US is hijacked by the defence contractors and war profiteers who want to be very rich over night without doing anything and investing anything. They had a free ride and free lunch as well as bonus at the end of the year with the taxpayer’s money. That can only be possible if state establishment become infected and corrupt. .

So far they have been successful in dragging on the existing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq openly and covert wars around the world. They have marked Pakistan to expand their next sinister expansionist, profiteering designs. These profiteers with their ‘local assets in Pakistan’ have almost destroyed the over 60 years, history of friendship between US and Pakistan. These ‘local assets’ have played a major part in the implementation of the ‘payment by results’ (PBR) policy and caused pain and grief to millions of People in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. They surely have blood of millions of innocent people on their hands and dollars in their bank accounts.

A Pakistani analyst said, ‘If we look at the defenders of current regime in media we find a daughter of one of the most corrupt man, a former civil servant. He might have link with the memo gate and also running ‘parallel intelligence network’ from presidency, especially targeting Punjab Government run by PML-N leader Shabaz Sharif. All these defenders are cronies, imposed and unelected especially the bunch of mouthy women and men. It is shameful the party of a great Statesman Zulifqar Ali Bhutto couldn’t find competent and hard core party workers? These people are ‘pay as you go’ promoting the policy of harming the very foundations of the state of Pakistan. They are delivering the desired results to the follower of PBR policy in the region. Surely there is a multi party or states alliance in following such a sinister agenda against Pakistan. This consortium is running joint venture for their pay masters and bankers”.

  My Problem

Pakistan is cursed with the infected elite responsible for the maintenance of democracy and demolition of all the institutions. It is not a coincident that all the institutions and infrastructure of the state of Pakistan are being demolished systematically.

Sing democracy day in day out to please the western governments and guarantors but do exactly the opposite in reality on the ground. The so called democrats of Pakistan are a group of mafia of few thousands ruling 180 million. These family oriented political parties in Pakistan have become ‘blood sucking’ leaches. Their so called leaders can’t see or even think beyond their own clan? They are the one who provide services to foreign invaders both financial and military.

This super elite is demolishing, deconstructing and disintegrating Pakistan day and night but blaming US, UK, Israel and India for hatching conspiracies against Pakistan in Baluchistan, Sindh, Khyber Pukhtun Khawa (KPK).

Well if Indians are water bombing Pakistan by building illegal dams on rivers, fanning terrorism, sectarianism and ethnic violence in Pakistan especially Sindh, following policy of “Keep Karachi Bleeding” by destroying economy of Pakistan, KPK and Baluchistan. The million dollar question is what these so called ‘dummy democrats’ are doing? If they are not doing the needful to defend than they are part of the conspiracy and partners of conspirators? They are a bunch of corrupt, coward, opportunist and selfish apologists. If and whenever Pakistan has an honest government it should write to the Swiss Government asking details of its citizens accounts and amounts deposited like the Indians. I am sure people can provide a pen and paper for this?

  Chomsky on “Occupy Wall Street” and Israel Imminent Collapse

According to senior analyst Tariq Majeed the main agenda of war mongers and profiteers is to create a big rift between US and Pakistan relations. So far they have done following in achieving its goal:

The planners wanted to change the existing somewhat friendly working relationship between the American and Pakistani officials, especially the senior army and intelligence officials on both sides, into a sour and tense relationship. They initiated the process in 2010 and then deeply dented the US-Pakistan relations in January 2011 with the planned murders committed by the American killer Davis. People found the ruthless crime inexplicable. I explained it in an article, “The Main Aim Behind Davis’ Murderous Act,” on 17 March 2011:

The murder of two innocent Pakistanis by American national Raymond Allen Davis on 27 January 2011 in Lahore was not a rash act, committed in unforeseen circumstances. It was a tasked job that the CIA’s terrorism expert carried out according to its script. Such tasks are never without specific aims that usually cover both the short and long term requirements of the tasking authority. That authority in this killer’s case, as claimed by American officials, was US government, more specifically, the main aim was to generate intense anti-American feelings.

That incident was a turning point in the diplomatic environment and also affected the strategic and political situation in the region, to Pakistan’s disadvantage. The US-Pakistan relations continued to nosedive, with the US hardening its attitude and blaming Pakistan for this situation. Pakistani authorities were nonplussed because they had been literally bending backward to please the Americans, and had even let the killer Davis go scot free in the face of public fury. To make matters worse, the US not only enhanced the frequency of the despicable, cruel Drone attacks on Pakistan’s tribal territory but also blatantly turned the attacks onto innocent civilians. Nation, 6 April 2011, reported: “A Drone attack on a peace congregation in North Waziristan Agency on 17 March 2011 left over 39 innocent people dead.” Pakistani people cried out in protest at this cruelty. “The US-Pakistan ties were in tatters,” wrote the newspaper.

This environment befitted the US policymakers’ scheme of berating and blaming Pakistan and portraying it as an enemy state. After the Raid, The Nation, 4th May 2011, reported: “CIA Director, Leon Panetta, casting aspersions about Pakistan’s integrity, told Time that ‘it was decided that any effort to work with the Pakistanis could jeopardize the mission; they might alert the targets.’” The impudence, with which the Americans struck in Abbottabad, and their ensuing offensive behaviour and statements, made the environment of hostility and distrust much worse. It was obvious that this was an in-built objective of the secretly prepared Raid. It needs to be noted that this strategy will continue, as it fits the new US moves against Pakistan.

  World at a glance

The malicious attack by US Special Forces, (wrongly labeled as NATO attack), on 26th November 2011 at Pakistan’s Salalah check post in which they destroyed two Pakistani posts and massacred 24 soldiers of Pak army was a brazen demonstration of this US strategy in operation. According to Nation, 9th December 2011, “Pakistan Army’s Director General Military Operations during his briefing to Senate Standing Committee on Defence on 8th December 2011 said that all evidence shows the 26th November 2011 attack was not only deliberate but the allied military force also tried to mislead Pakistan military regarding the attack.” It is envisaged the future US schemes include installing in Islamabad a regime that should appear to be anti-US but be ignorant of the US game and be pliant to manipulation. Such a regime would provide political justification for US military aggression against Pakistan”.

Those in US who think that great empires must have an enemy if not real than create a dummy like Osma Bin Laden! They should know that war based empires and economies vanish in thin air quicker than trade based partnerships.

The rent boys will never be able to use ‘loot money of Pakistan’ deposited abroad as history suggest? The swift recovery of ‘US assets’ Raymond Davis and Hussain Haqqani from Pakistan would not be possible without the hard work of the strong network of US friends in Pakistani establishment.

All in all it is ‘war profiteering’ and greed which are harming and distancing US and Pakistan from each other?