US moving away from Saudi Arabia and Israel: Analyst

A Press TV Report


The United States is making major shifts in its alliances in the Middle East, distancing itself from extreme policies of Israel and Saudi Arabia, according to American analyst Dean Henderson.

“For whatever reasons, it seems like the United States is moving slowly away from Israel, moving slowly away from extremist Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia,” Henderson told Press TV on Sunday.

Saudi Arabia and the US have been arming and training militant groups fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, but Henderson said “the US has taken a step back from supporting the rebels.”

“That’s why the Saudis were so angry about a month ago with United States, saying they were cozying up with Israel,” he added.

A clear example of the “shift in alliances,” the analyst said, is the appointment of Chuck Hagel as the Secretary of Defense, despite the fact that he was a critic of Israeli lobby in the US.

“Hagel has got in trouble for criticizing the Israeli lobby and AIPAC and he became our Secretary Defense.”

In addition, Henderson said that the recent agreement in Geneva between Iran and the six world powers including the US over the country’s nuclear energy program has infuriated Israel.

“To me there is something bigger going on, a bigger shift in alliances around the world.”

Henderson added that Saudi Arabia and Israel have never been real allies of the United States and have both harmed US national interests.

“Both Saudi [Arabia] and Israel are basically artificial creations of London banking establishment put in the Middle East to control the oil resources,” he said.