Logic, not arrogance that wins respect

By Shahid Zahoor

With his wife, does Faisal look like a terrorist?

This is with reference to the news reports which are appearing in the press since the Times Square’s incident. It’s very unfortunate that instead of targeting the accused who is a citizen of America, all guns have been directed against Pakistan. US should have seen the internal causes and their policies due to which such educated persons, having good family background are going in to the trap of terrorists. Being the Sole Super Power, USA never accepts its wrong policies, security lapses and poor intelligence but always blame the others.

Pakistan is the front line allay against war on terror, suffered the most, and lost more than 27000 soldiers which include even the Generals besides thousands of civilians. The suicide bombing is having devastated effects and collateral damage is more than forty billion dollars but fingers are always pointed towards Pakistan due to some hidden motives.

It’s strange that having all the resources of the world on its disposal, USA failed to find out Osama and now Mrs. Clinton is blaming that some officials in Pakistan know about Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, Mullah Omer etc. Pakistan is the one who killed and captured thousands of terrorists and more than 120,000 soldiers have been deployed to fight the menace of terrorism but still “Do more mantra” is continuing. What Americans need to learn is to put their own house in order, instead of blaming others, accept their mistakes committed in Iraq, Afghanistan and in dealing with Muslim World.

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My foremost question would be how come without any formal investigation, enquiry or any other check back, all the fingers were pointed at Pakistan. It looks like a 9/11 repeat show. Pakistan is a responsible country with adequate systems of investigations, should have been involved as a joint investigator. Why Pakistan is avoided and yet all the blame is thrown on her is very strange.

Time has come that America should take actions against its own citizen/agencies and not to put forward the lame excuses to hide its own short comings. May I ask; if few non state actors trained and funded by some terrorist’s organizations/foreign agents commit such acts to defame a country or create rift between two countries, will America take action against the country immediately without any investigation. If that is the case, then they must realize that America is a country of migrants, now Faisal is their baby and not of Pakistan. We must ask USA that why Faisal Shahzad travelled to Pakistan, how he managed to get the bomb making material and above all how he reached with the explosive laden van to Times Square? It’s easy to blame others but it’s not the solution. Let’s join hands to find the solution of decades old problem which occurred due to Americans wrong policies in the region. It should be very clear that we are partner in the fight against terrorism and master like attitude must be shun by the Americans. Assistance given to Pakistan is the repayment of our expenditure and not the charity.

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Shahid Zahoor is Masters in Mass Communication and Chief Editor of a bilingual magazine. His writings are normally short and crisp.