US embassies act as intelligence collection facilitates: Analyst

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

The Spy Hub in Berlin

The Spy Hub in Berlin

Press TV: What might you call this, some say that this might be a counter counter-espionage?

Rickard: It may be. The Americans may have very well thrown this young man under the bus. There is a move by the Americans to try to ameliorate some of the issues with the cooperation and also the surveillance of the BND (Germany’s spy agency) and also German citizens and politicians.

What’s important to understand here is that this is really nothing new. This is the kind of thing that Americans have been at really for over half a century, they have been monitoring all the communications of all the different consulates and embassies around the world. They are very good at it and they have been doing it quite a long time and they are also very efficient at pulling in individuals from other countries. Now this particular young man, he voluntarily contacted the embassy in Germany and what’s interesting about this guy is that he actually sent an email to the embassy.

What most people don’t understand and most people who have been in the intelligence community have paid attention a little bit to the news is that every single American embassy is an intelligence collection facility.

The really second in charge of every embassy is the CIA station chief and that station chief would have acted in a very clear way and taking information from this guy.

Press TV:
 Where do you see the future of such espionage and intelligence gathering going?

Rickard: Obviously the future of this kind of espionage, being that you don’t have to do the paper and that you can actually steal things from work quite easily. There have been a lot of mechanisms put in place to monitor when these types of things are installed and devices to steal in but unfortunately administrators can all get around that.

So, where I see the future going is that they are going to do what they set at the NSA where they are going to do almost like locking down nuclear facilities where it will all take two individuals in order to bypass those mechanisms and configure those mechanisms whereby I think that they have allowed individuals to that independently but at the end of the day this kind of espionage will continue and the Americans will continue to actually do all of the surveillance they have been doing. They are just saving face at this moment.