Policy options for Pakistan

By Jawad Raza Khan

Last sixty years of US foreign policy bears a successful story, as; US had been able to muster at least two puppet governments each in Arab and Non Arab worlds. The first loss in Non Arab world was Iran, when it was swept by Khomeini revolution and US puppet Shah of Iran was exiled in 1979. Last five years have witnessed another ally of US, Turkey distancing herself from the masters. Erdogan was very hard on the “double standards” of the USA during his visit to Pakistan and said that “the recent Israeli attack on a Turkish ship Freedom Flotilla have unmasked the so-called civilized face of Washington who openly and shamelessly supported the state terrorism of Israel. Washington is not ready to condemn the state terrorism of Israel against Turkey which means that the USA is supporting an international terrorist who killed our citizens in international waters”. This looks to be an end of US influence in the power corridors of Turkey as well.

As far as the Arab world is concerned the situation was not more fragile ever than now, when one of the oldest Arab world ally of US, Egyptian dictator Mubarak is about to be doomed (with US help). The circumstantial evidence of US involvement in Egyptian chaos has also turned the strongest Arab ally of US, Saudi Arabia against the US interest in Middle East and the Muslim World. According to reliable resources, King Abdullah took Obama to task for ditching America's most faithful ally in the Arab world and vowed that Saudis would bend all its resources for undoing Washington's plans with regards to Egypt. According to British intelligence sources in London, the Saudi King pledged to make up the losses to Egypt if Washington cuts off military and economic aid to force Mubarak to resign. He would personally instruct the Saudi treasury to transfer to the embattled Egyptian ruler the exact amounts he needs for himself and his army to stand up to American pressure. Through all the ups and downs of Saudi-US relations since the 1950s no Saudi ruler has ever threatened direct actions like these against an American policy.

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If we critically analyze the position of US as now in Muslim world, following can be easily deduced as conclusions.

  • Arab relations with US are strained to a limit never witnessed before.
  • Rise of Akhwan ul Muslemeen after Mubarak can help Al Qaida to find breathing space in Egypt.
  • Non Arab, economically strong Muslim countries like Iran and Turkey will not be interested to rescue American interest especially Iran with her disputed nuclear program and UN sanctions initiated by US.
  • Afghanistan bleeding hard with US and NATO blood with Taliban still undefeated and US in the midst of a disorderly withdrawal if things do not move as planned by Obama administration.
  • Democratic Government of Pakistan bearing extreme pressure to side US interest in front of highly charged anti US sentiments prevailing in the masses of Pakistan.
  • Immoral invasion of Iraq and hastily planned withdrawal, which may leave a wonderful breeding grounds for Al Qaida.

The inaugural talk of Obama after taking over as President of US, with regards to his priority in having good relations with Muslim world makes above conclusions more interesting. This also speaks of a weak President in front of a strong CIA even in a so called civilized and democratic USA.

This indeed can put Pakistan in the driving seat as far as US-Pak relations are concerned. Democratic Pakistan can put pressure on US to flourish its relations on the basis of equality and tranquility, as per the aspirations of people of Pakistan, safeguarding its own interest. Following can be suggested in this regard.

  • Revisit of Af Pak policy.
  • Immediate termination of Drone attacks in Pakistan.
  • Increase of check points on Pak Afghan border on the Nato side to stop move of terrorists from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
  • Strength of Pushtun cadre to be increased in the future government set up of Afghanistan.
  • Raymond Davis to be tried in Pakistan for murdering three Pakistanis.
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This can indeed bring some sort of breather to people of Pakistan in general and Pakistan Army in particular. This will also help US to ensure graceful exit from Afghanistan which seems impossible in present chaotic environment of the region. It’s time for our leaders to make Pakistanis proud to be Pakistanis and stand firm in front of all odds as nation will be behind them in the said consequence.