new map of pakistan 2013 only solution

Pakistan is going in darkness,  a big revolution is knocking but no one is willing to lead that tsunami( big change) , so how we will lead that change in the country which is desire of every citizen?

MQM wants a new province in Sindh ( Karachi as a seperate province ). Recent Speech of Altaf Bhai ( MQM Founder) which was also his political Drone attack in Pakistani Politics reflects that now people are fed up with this system(feudal andhereditary politics) and wants some change, otherwise do and die situation is awaiting in the streets of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Altaf Hussain said in his visit to India, that “Creation of Pakistan is the worst day in the history of Indian Sub-Continent”. Because, Muslims of Indian -subcontinent din’t get any benefit from this partition and now indian Muslims are more safer than Muslims in Pakistan.

Balouch Nationalist now dream a separate homeland, while tribe of KPK is fighting against Pakistan Army. Taliban is taking benefit of all this situation in the country and now we are near to declare a failed state.

Gawadar ( city of port ) also become controversial in the country. Balouch argued that if Gawadar become a International City, A massive migration of People to Balouchistan and then Balouch majority converted into minority in their own Province. So that’s why they are opposing the development in Gawadar. Another Side Foreign Lobby also playing with the people of Balouchistan with the help of Balouch Liberation Army (BLA).

Genocide of Mohajirs, Pathans, Balouch and Kashmiris in Pakistan is on peak. Everyday ten-twenty people average killed in Karachi (Economic Hub of Pakistan) due to target Killing and majority of them are innocent People.Alas!

  Cyber laws of pakistan - FIA Cyber Crime Branch

Sectarian violence is spreading all parts of country.More than dozen’s of Shia’s killed in recent Quetta Suicide Bomb Attack.  Aside Ahmadiyah eliminating the foundation of Pakistan wisely by creating bad image of Pakistan in the world that we are terrorist nation.

Tahir ul Qadri ( people called him Fraud ul Padri ) is coming with his own revolution and calling people for long March towards Islamabad on Saturday , 14th January 2013. He gave his own Charter of Demand,  demanding to PPP Government to fulfill his demand, otherwise get ready for results. A huge uncertainty in the country…

I don’t know to whom i ask this question but answer of these question are very necessary, before the time has been passed…

I know everyone have their own answer and perception regarding these questions… but i said one thing only still we have time to awake otherwise time will sing a song for us ” it’s too late too Apologize”

should we cry or laugh that we are nuclear power but din’t able to maintain law n order situation in our own country.

What’s happening all this in our country ?

Who’s responsible for all of this ? Government , Army, Agencies, Bureaucrat , Technocrat or Supreme Court ?

Who is ruling in our country ? Government , Army , Taliban or CJ ?