By Col Bakhtiar Hakeem

Taking an account of life is very important. It should always be a continual process. Does it matter whether you are in twenties, forties, sixties or eighties? You do have another day or about. May be it is early in the morning now and you have with you good ten to twelve hours. Cheers, go ahead, take an account of past; consequently make a ‘good’ choice and act to yield. After all why waste it, why not to make better use of it.

The time would flow. It would keep moving on, as it did always, whether mankind had watches to measure it or otherwise. You are a unit, created by Him; sent here for some job, task or mission and to return to Him. The tenure in this world is not known. It has never been known. Jesus Christ was here for some thirty plus; Churchill for ninety and Noah’s prophet hood went on for nine hundred and fifty years. So, from paltry thirty to round about a thousand, it is wide and open.  What to do? No equation, no relationship and no proportion. No guarantees and zero durability. The lack of dependability is good enough to fail any tangible or provable mathematical expression. And if one includes another variable of what the aforesaid did while they were here. What was the nature, form, quantity and quality of their output? The intricacies, the secondary and tertiary ramifications would become mind-boggling.

It is therefore, what you do now and here in this situation. The decision or choice of process and the process itself is what is of importance as compared to the unit. The unit that is you, who makes the choice is relatively insignificant and unimportant. The unit is here to perish any time anywhere and any moment. The nature of process, its type, its area of influence would last longer; relatively. The process chosen would result into the desired results or the yield. The yield is therefore most significant, most important being the end product. The yield could be of three types. Let me start with neutral yield. The process of feeding, clothing and housing one self, would yield in neutral outcome; since it is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. It is perseverance and self sustenance of unit alone. Or it is good for unit alone. ‘Good’ is a yield which is beneficent, it is the ‘righteousness’.  It is what is desirable, wanted and advantageous for the universe and to top the list in universe, the mankind. In other words it is ‘benevolence’. The ‘bad’ yield need not be addressed now.

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Here is a summary of above debated concepts. The listing is in the order of significance. Highest first; the ‘yield’, the ‘process’, the act of ‘choosing or choice’ and last the ‘unit’. Now let me add here another concept. It is the ‘reference line’ or simply the reference. The reference works as the touch stone, to decide whether the yield is good or bad. To select and decide a particular yield and classify it as good or bad is a terribly disputed issue. Therefore, the importance of a code of judgment, a neutral person or body and an unbiased system can not be over emphasized.  A few examples would be required here.

The cigarette lit between your fingers was a choice made by you (unit) to smoke (process). How is the yield? What a satisfying lung-full and a mouth-full of the puff of smoke. Of course you are the reference, decider, the judge; the single man jury.  

There was no government better than that of Taliban in Afghanistan in last fifteen years.  They spent maximum on education and woman health. The poppy production reduced to minimum. The law and order by the number of crimes was least. This is all statistics proven. They were good for Afghanistan but bad for occupation forces. Should Americans be the reference?

Iraq was one of the most prosperous countries of the region under Saddam Hussein. Its fire power ratio over Iran was seven to one. Its agriculture research, yield per acre, seed development and storage; one of the best in the world. The irrigation system of Iraq was most advanced in Middle East and of course it had decided to sell its oil in Euro. It had not seen a single suicide killer in its two thousand years plus history. Since 2003, US has killed six hundred thousand Iraqis and destroyed the rest. Every hector in Iraq is dotted by innocent human blood. How do you say about the yield? Was it ‘good’ for Iraq? And who should decide?

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August 1945, the unit, Truman chooses nuclear attack on innocent, unarmed civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Process undertaken by the air force pilots. The yield, victory for USA, and 240,000 dead bodies and total destruction of two cities. Is it ‘good’? And who should be the reference line?

Ramazan 17th 8 Hijra, it should be 631 AD; process the biggest of invasion. Yield a historical and epoch making conquest. The city of Mecca, the centre of power of Arabian Peninsula buckles under biggest mass of invading army from north. Not a single killing! The yield also included change of political and social system. Was it ‘good’? Measure it by some reference.  

What are you thinking now? Are you focusing on the yield or the unit; the two ends of continuum. Take an account of the life gone by. What has been the yield? If it is good, going by the grading and evaluation of the recipients; hearties congratulations. Do you want to make amends now? Yes, are these required in most of the issues and areas of concern? I think it is a relatively brave decision. Shift the focus to yield. Let it be more benevolent to the recipients, hence onward. The process will be chosen accordingly. And I commit to you a glorious unit is in the making. Great, you made an outstanding choice. May I have the name of this unit please?