A condotel near the beach in Bali, eco-friendly commercial space in Dhaka and much more. These are just some of the unique investment opportunities to be found in the emerging markets.

Pakistan’s best real estate website, Lamudi.pk reveals noteworthy opportunities for international real estate investors outside of traditional investment locations.

  1. Developments beyond the city center

Across Africa, demand for affordable housing is rising. As the high cost of housing has locked many property-seekers out of the real estate market in Kampala, many are now looking for other options on the outskirts of Uganda’s capital city. Affordability, however, does not have to mean compromising on quality. Mega City, one of the largest property developments in the country, is an integrated township of 1200 apartments located in Mukono, a 20 minute drive from Kampala. The development will offer top-of-the-line facilities to cater for working professionals, including ample parking space, a cafeteria, gymnasium and WIFI connectivity. Prices start at US$40,000.

  1. Environmentally-friendly property

Demand for eco-friendly property is rising across the emerging markets, Lamudi data shows. Cityscape Tower located in the Gulshan-1 district of Dhaka in Bangladesh, is a pioneering commercial development currently under construction. As the developers seek to have the building platinum LEED certified, the list of its environmental features is extensive: CO2 sensors to control indoor air quality, an energy efficient air conditioning system, intelligent lighting, rainwater harvesting, rooftop solar panels and more. Developers Cityscape promise 44 percent lower energy consumption than other buildings in the area, as well as a 60 percent water saving.

  1. Property in a tourism destination
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As tourist arrivals in Bali continue to increase year on year, the area’s condotel market offers one of the most lucrative real estate investments in Indonesia. Combining a condominium with the high-quality service of a hotel, condotels are usually secondary properties, with owners only permitted to stay there for a limited period of time each year (usually no more than 30 days). Wanaprasta Condotel, located close to some of Bali’s top tourist attractions, is one example that fuses modern design with the area’s beautiful natural scenery. Note that currently foreigners can own condotels for a 60-year period, which can then be extended by an additional 60 years.