Completion of unfinished agenda!

Note: When Nawaz Sharif says that he will visit India even if not invited and pick up the threads from where they were broken, raises doubts in my minds. 

This article that is being re-posted after more than a decade holds true and I still hold the same view. It is being re-posted without any editing of any sort. It is left to the judgement of the readers to view it in the current scenario and the statements of Nawaz Sharif.

By Raja G Mujtaba

Most surely (Quran) is a decisive word (that distinguishes good from evil),And it is no joke. Surely they (enemies) will make a scheme,And I (Allah) too will make a scheme (for their destruction). Al-Tariq. The Zionists are at work to dismantle Pakistan, the only stumbling block in their quest for a greater Israel to rule the world. The visit of the Indian Prime Minister is a calculated move in this direction. The American State Office through Ms Albright’s, team has been very active in the region.

Visits by the American officials to Pakistan and India have assumed extra ordinary significance since the atomic explosions in May 1998. How and why the fifty years old bitterness has changed into the (forced) reunion of the old friends (foes) needs to be studied in little detail. It is not only the Indian media that changed its tone and attitude but the international media also gave it prominence like the summit of the super powers.

The Pakistan Foreign Office did not properly appreciate the fallout of this visit and it appears that Pakistan has landed in a trap prepared for the purpose. This can be well ascertained from what Lord Cromer said, “England was prepared to grant political freedom to all her colonial possessions as soon as a generation of intellectuals and politicians imbued through English education with the ideals of English culture were ready to take over, but under no circumstances would the British Government for a single moment tolerate an independent Islamic State.”

What Lord Croner said in 1908 stands true even today. West has always been and would remain instrumental in the destruction and annihilation of the Muslims around the globe. It is Zionists who are traditional enemies of Allah (SWT) and his followers never miss an opportunity to challenge Allah’s authority. Jews have murdered many prophets, they also placed Eysa, the son of Mariam on the cross. It is but very simple that when they have not accepted the authority of Allah (SWT) then how would they tolerate His followers? In the present times, they manipulate the Western governments and the UN to suppress the Muslim countries. Look at the fate of Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Egypt, Algeria, Kurds and host of other Muslim places that are either under strong Zionist influence through the secular (puppet) regimes or are target of their hostilities. Had it not been for the Second World War, Pakistan would not have gained independence, the role of Redcliff and Mount Batten in Pakistan’s independence squarely falls in line with what Lord Croner said. Much to the resistance of the Zionists, on 27th of Ramadan-ul-Mubarik Pakistan emerged based on Islamic ideology, it was no coincidence but Allah’s rebuttal to Lord Croner. Pakistan has always supported and stood up for the just causes of the brotherly Muslim people as a divine obligation.

The Muslims of undivided India, whole heart-rendingly supported the Ottoman Empire and earned the animosity of the Jews. Even before Pakistan got its independence, Quaid-e-Azam supported the Palestinians and opposed the creation of Israel on their territory. This was a direct challenge to Theodore Herzl, the founder of the Zionist organisation who had said in 1903 that with the help of England, a free and Jewish Palestine would be created. Pakistan paid a heavy price for her commitment to the Ummah but the people have braved it. Pakistan’s partition with division of Punjab, Bengal and transferring Kashmir to India was a Zionist conspiracy against the Muslims of India. The American connivance, as stated by Henry Kissinger in his memoirs that the break-up of Pakistan was in America’s interest should all be seen in context with Lord Cromer’s statement.

Since the demise of the Soviet Union, America has waited for the local political conditions to be conducive to unfold its agenda tailored out for this region where Pakistan is a major player. After the departure of the Soviets, various warring Afghan tribes became involved in the power game that provided an opportunity to America and the Zionists to refocus on the Middle East in a futile bid to contain Iran who had embarked on an Islamic revolution. Earlier, the Soviets directly ventured into Afghanistan when Iraq-Iran war had assumed an unending posture and found America committed in that theatre. This ruthless war waged for almost a decade in which hundreds of thousands of people were killed and wounded. Though Iran came out politically much stronger but the Muslims were killed on both sides in heavy numbers. Both the oil-rich countries were reduced to economic nightmare, thus the Zionists achieved a major objective if not complete. While Iran and Iraq were locked in a long aimless war, America concentrated on Afghanistan to humiliate the Soviets to avenge her defeat in Vietnam. Here both the Kafir (Super) Powers had one singular objective to eradicate the Islamic ideology not realising that Allah (SWT) would protect Islam the he way protected Kabah from the Abrah’s army. If the Zionists do not draw any lesson from this, then they would also meet a similar fate.

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After a decade of Soviet occupation, the Afghans remained in strife of civil war for almost the same period. America and her Zionists masters not missing the opportunity, switched back to the Middle East in a futile bid to contain the Iranian revolution. Simultaneously, the Zionists also brought war to Bosnia and Chechnya to open up more fronts for the Mujahideen who were fighting in Afghanistan. On Iraq’s failure to humble Iran, America, the Zionists’ agent prompted Iraq to attack Kuwait and Saudi Arabia only to find an excuse to place itself in the region on permanent basis. Saddam provided this opportunity that the Jews fully exploited for which the Gulf countries are paying a very heavy price. A paper of mine, ‘The Gulf Scenario’ has already been published in the Pakistan Observer and The Muslim in July 1998.

Then through stage-managed resolutions in the United Nations and the Security Council, biggest concentration of forces was witnessed to punish Iraq. After beating the Iraqis, the Jews again manipulated the UN and brought inharsh sanctions to kill Iraq that could be a major threat to Israel.

What the UN is should be very clear from what Henry Klien; a New York Jewish Lawyer said in 1948, “The United Nations is Zionism. It is the Super Government mentioned many times in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion promulgated between 1897 and 1905.” No-fly zones were declared and Iraq was prohibited from carrying out any oil exports, international trade and all links with outside world were severed. No planes or ships were to touch the Iraqi ports till she had all her installations inspected by the UN Inspectors. The UN inspectors headed by Richard Butler were a group of spies gathering information for the Zionists and their agents like America and Great Britain. Through these inhuman sanctions, thousands of Iraqi children, sick and old died for want of food and medicines. While Iraq was being subjected to tyrannical conditions, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were made to pay for the entire war operation and subsequent stationing of the troops there.

This exercise forced them for the first time to borrow money. Any country that the Zionists want to cripple is either encouraged or forced into getting loans and pays riba or usury and remains under their economic hold.

“The Jews have been ordained by God that accept interest from non-Jews and it is prohibited to advance loans without charging interest.” – TALMUD.

America and Great Britain established permanent bases in these two countries, which was their ultimate goal. Now they have taken an effective and permanent control of the region but are depicting to the world at large that they are there only to maintain peace and provide protection to the region.

This region is further being subjected to internal and external strives with plans to push it into another war. The repeated air strikes over Iraq by the US and Britain are in violation of the UN mandate but are being carried out to exasperate the situation. Most recently, the Kurds who are spread in four adjoining countries were given another push when Abdullah Ocalan was handed over to Turkey. The sole intention was to instigate Kurdish uprising in all the four Muslim countries but the Kurds retaliated by rocking the entire Europe. Simultaneously in Iraq, sectarian issues are being aired to arouse Iran in sympathy of the Shiite population of Iraq on the patterns of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Now Iran has to play cool to avoid the trap. At one time, through repeated sectarian killings by the hidden hands, Pakistan’s relations with Iran were brought to a hostile pitch but then a better sense prevailed and an ugly situation was defused. No effort is spared to destabilise the region so that the Jews can move in swiftly to realise their dream of greater Israel engulfing Hejaz, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Cairo and Southern Turkey.

General Zia who was a pivotal figure in the Afghan war, when he developed his perceptions about the future of this region that was in direct conflict with the Zionist agenda was removed from the scene through an air crash. AfterGen. Zia’s death, the Americans intervened in every possible manner to influence the developments in Pakistan and now have complete control over it. Realising that in future, the dictators will not be able to serve their agenda, the Zionists relied on a controlled democratic process to legitimise their actions and did not allow the Army generals to take-over the government. To further their agenda, America found two power hungry willing partners in Nawaz Sharif and Benazir with some popular support in the masses. Through repeated elections and systematic propaganda, the religious elements were shed off to make room for a secular political culture.

Nawaz Sharif managed a two third majority in the lower house though he received only fifteen percent of the eligible votes. This was precisely what the Zionists had been waiting for to launch their agenda. Nawaz Sharif was further strengthened through constitutional amendments where the parliamentarians lost all their say. It is opined that it was at the behest of the Americans, that the Shariat Bill was introduced in the assembly to divert the attention of the people from far more serious issues like nuclear programme, Kashmir, CWC etc. The way CWC was signed can be interpreted in any manner to expose our leadership. Americans are also cultivating the track-two diplomacy through Benazir, Shahbaz Sharif and other politicians by establishing direct contacts with them so that they could be pitched against each other. As a word of caution, Nawaz Sharif should not take his majority in the house as a true representative of the country when he has eighty-five percent voters who did not vote for him. Any egoistic move could cause an unprecedented backlash.

  CIA-ISI cold war and Davis episode

When Talibans appeared on the scene, everyone took them to be the prodigy of CIA and ISI thus no one took them seriously. As the later events suggested, they were thinking and acting of their own free mind from a high pedestal of Islamic ideology. They grew from strength to strength and more and more people fell for their system of governance, whereby they soon controlled almost the whole of Afghanistan. Their firm belief in Quran and its teachings soon became a thorn in the eyes of the Zionists’ dominated West and secularised Muslim leaders of the region. When the Zionists smelled danger, they started a slanderous propaganda against the Talibans and projected them to be a grave threat to the region. This move soon propelled Iran and the Central Asian Republics on ethnic and sectarian course. The Talibans were mature enough not to react when on one side Iran concentrated a big force on their borders and on the other, CAR were openly siding with the anti Taliban alliance in the North. This was a test of nerves for the Talibans who proved it that they could neither be humbled nor provoked to attack their neighbours and play someone else’s game.

The Sino-Pakistan friendship has been irking not only the Americans but also the Jews and the Indians for they all have similar perceptions towards the Muslims and China. The Karakorum Highway linking Pakistan with China is a strategic landmark that the adversaries are eyeing upon for it has jeopardised their nefarious designs. India has moved into Siachen, that it still holds only to cut this road. Pakistan and China can only be de-linked if either Kashmir is given an independent status or the entire Kashmir State including Gilgit etc., is transferred to India. On a broader canvas, Kashmir with India may also not be acceptable to the Zionists. Therefore an independent Kashmir is more likely unless the Americans are forced to a position of compromise and give some portions both to India and Pakistan and declare valley as independent state.

In an independent Kashmir, the Zionists would move in with full force in the garb of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the war torn society to de-Islamise it by pumping in much money through the UN and the NGOs, a new menace for the Muslim countries. Sirinagar would be developed on the pattern of Lebanon and Switzerland into a tourist centre and a hub for the espionage activities to destabilise the region. Kashmir would be given glamour and glitter of the West and promote immoral activities that are quite normal in their culture. Such like activities would be enough not only for Kashmir but also for all the Muslim countries of the region to lose their Islamic identity and culture. After Pakistan and Afghanistan, their main thrust would be to disintegrate China. To destabilise China, efforts are on to corner it economically through the multinationals and push it further on the road to Western democracy to create political and cultural unrest. At the same time, the disintegration movements in Sinkiang and Tibet are also being propelled through various options available to the Zionists. India who is already facing independence movements in thirteen states would also be fully exploited to excersise total control, theultimate goal of ‘The Learned Elders of the Zion’ but not before China is fully tackled.

The Zionists have countered every other threat except Islam. Their final battle is therefore going to be to hit the Islamic ideology that is taking a definite shape in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan and other Islamic countries. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Americans the agents of the Zionists moved in with lots of money into the Central Asian Republics to gain a foothold there. The CAR are all Muslim countries but their leadership is still the vintage of the communist era therefore every effort is being made to strengthen the leadership in these countries. They have not allowed the diplomatic recognition to the Talibans and are keeping the Osama issue alive. There is no doubt that Osama is a devout Muslim working to unite the Muslim Ummah but is certainly not a military threat as being projected by the Americans and the Jews. His threat has been blown out of proportions only to find excuses to hit any Muslim country by holding it responsible for assisting or sheltering Osama. The Saudi people have not liked the presence of the American troops in Saudi Arabia. For the Saudis, Osama has become a hero who is fighting their battle on the political and ideological front. It is also reported that the Americans are trying hard to replace the Crown Prince Abdullah with someone who is more liberal and receptive to the West.

  Mr Foreign Minister, Who are you representing; India or Pakistan?

Vajpayee’s Hindutwa and hawkish attitude was an obvious sign for the Muslims’ problems. The Hindu zealots besides the Muslims did not spare the other minorities especially the Christians. West did not show any reaction till the Christians were hit hard through rape and murder and began forced conversion of the minorities to Hindus. Besides this, Vajpayee and Advani also started to raise war clouds by threatening Pakistan. War always suits the Zionists and more so when a Muslim country is placed precariously. Through war, they run their defence industry and strengthen their economy at the cost of the warring countries. But now Pakistan being a nuclear country, America feels that the situation would get out of their control and they may be pulled into this conflict that has all the potential to acquire a global dimension. Therefore their first priority is to roll back Pakistan’s nuclear programme and destroy it from within. Roll back is not possible without settling Kashmir, therefore to bring BJP under pressure, Sonia Gandhi who is both white skinned and a Christian is being projected as the future leader, this move has certainly put Vajpayee on the defensive.

The Zionist lobby was working around to get India a permanent seat in the Security Council but she jeopardised her chances by exploding the nuclear devices in May 1998. This reckless and avoidable situation is again attributed to the BJP leadership. This provided Pakistan with an excuse to play its cards and come on equal footing to claim a similar seat. Now if India gets a permanent seat then Pakistan is also a contender for the same but no Muslim country is acceptable to the Zion in that seat. Now the total focus is on Pakistan to wind up hernuclear programme but no government in Pakistan can defy the public sentiments without the settlement of Kashmir issue. America and the other countries are finding ways to settle the Kashmir issue to the best of their advantage by airing the third option for which the diplomatic activities are afoot at a high pitch. New strategies to cause mistrust between Pakistan and the Kashmiri freedom fighters are their best tool and that exactly what Vajpayee’s visit was. The plebiscite in Kashmir would never be held till the situation is ripe to fully implement the third option. People like Amanullah of JKLF are busy raising this slogan and subverting the Kashmiri minds. It is for the first time in fifty years that anti Pakistan slogans were raised in the valley when Vajpayee visited Pakistan. Vajpayee has achieved what no other Indian leader could achieve. Pakistan has not only been divided but has also lost the confidence of the Kashmiri Mujahideen who feel betrayed and abandoned at the most crucial stage of their Jihad. This is exactly what the Americans and their Zionist masters wanted. By attacking Pakistan, no doubt India would have inflicted some casualties but we would have been galvanised as a nation and worked her disintegrationbut now the tables have been turned on Pakistan. Today the Kashmiris are disenchanted, a wedge of distrust has been driven deep, the nation stands divided but the Indians are very pleased for they have won a lost battle.

Now before Nawaz Sharif undertakes his visit to India, he wants the implementation of the Lahore Declaration that is as injurious to Kashmir cause as were the Tashkent and Simla agreements. Lahore Declaration means cutting of all support to the Mujahideen in Kashmir since India has declared Kashmir to be her integral part. Non-interference in each other’s country is the core clause of this declaration. Trade has to be liberalised and so have to be the travel facilities. The Zionist America who believes in producer-consumer philosophy wants soft borders in the region to have free access to the markets of SAARC and CAR for its multinationals in the region. Once this is done, then it would be very difficult for Pakistan to maintain its Islamic identity but can we afford to lose it? Benazir, to appease the Zionist West, has proposed a confederation of the SAARC countries thus has negated the two-nation theory. By opening these facilities, Pakistan would become a conduit to the vital interests of India and America. Any denial of this at some stage would be taken as a risk to their security thus an excuse strong enough to attack Pakistan either independently or through the sanction of the UN like in case of Iraq would be available tothem. To facilitate trade and travel, Nawaz Sharif has already ordered the extension of the motorway unto Wagha border and India is planning to open a visa section in Lahore, meaning an immunised set-up for RAW’s operation in the heart of Pakistan.

It is imperative that Pakistan should weigh all pros and corns and review the situation thoroughly before making any further commitments. While doing so, one must look at all past records of such accords where that would show that India has not stood by any of her commitments. “A momin is never bitten twice from the same hole.” Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

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