By Umar Waqar

The massacre of foreigners in Gilgit Baltistan is a message to our nation, the so called war on terrorism that we took part in is leading us into delusion as to who is our real enemy. It is quite disturbing that the name of ‘TTP’ automatically comes in mind whenever terrorist attacks take place in Pakistan.  Why would TTP kill Chinese and Ukrainian tourists to avenge the killing of Walli ur Rehman in a drone strike by CIA? Who is the beneficiary of this tragedy and who has suffered the most?. Yes, the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility of these attacks, but is it the first time they did that? These are some of the questions needing answers.

Recent spate of events that involved kidnapping or killing of foreign and Pakistani nationals and unleashing of the terror campaign have lead our domestic and foreign media to stereotype it as home grown terrorism; however there is so much lying beneath the surface when we analyse two major events, the attack on Srilankan Cricket team and massacre of innocent foreing national in Nanga Parbat base camp.

Even a child from our village would not agree with logic of attacking innocent foreign nationals who had nothing to do with TTP or Walli-ur-Rehman,if the later was taken out by a drone flown by CIA from Florida or Bagram Air Base,who should have been the target? In this Fourth Generation War being waged from shores of Mediterranean to Indus Valley,the lines between friend and foe has been smudged to create a state of chaos; you will be attacked by Kinetic and Non Kinetic means; soft and hard power will be synchronised to create maximum effect; dollars will be dolled in millions to create losses in billions, you will be perplexed as your roots in past and your being in present will be made worthless.

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If the TTP does hates America so much they should have attacked some US embassy or US soldiers in Afghanistan, but how many times TTP has ever attacked US or Western targets in Pakistan.Even Pashtoon Wali tradition has been relegated by TTP, the targets of their terror campaign has been schools in the poor neighbourhoods of KPK, they never attacked one American School in Pakistan,their targets include funeral processions and innocent people in the markets, seldom have they attacked western consulates and embassies and western franchised commercial outlets, their targets include Pakistan Defence Forces but they have never attacked Blackwater operators and Western funded NGOs, interestingly TTP has seldom conducted any major operation against NATO and US lead coalition forces inside Afghanistan despite the fact that TTP’s main bases are in Afghanistan.

The strategic effects of TTP’s terror campaign could be summarised as,loss of FDI,perception of a terrorist hub, a country without writ of state, a country very dangerous for tourists and a country where international sports could not take place. The recent targeting of Chinese friends was painfully and unfortunately celebrated by lot of commentators from India and the western world in social media and comments on articles in Pakistani newspapers, was TTP satisfying the egos of some powers? Why Chinese friends were killed a month before Prime Ministers scheduled visit to Beijing?

If we link up all these events we can draw a conclusion that there is major involvement of foreign powers in promoting terrorism in Pakistan. We are sure our friends from enlightened media outlets within and outside Pakistan would come with the stereotype thesis of TTP being our home grown problem, yes Ben Ghazi rebels were also a home grown problem for Libya,Syrian Rebels are a home grown problem for Al Assad’s regime and Kurdish fighters are home grown problem for Turkey,Iran,Iraq and Syria,even Naxalite freedom fighters are home grown problem for India.The point is who is the foreign master and string puller of these groups and who gets the maximum benefit out of sponsored terrorism.

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If the terrorist campaign against Pakistan and her security forces was compiled as an analytical undertaking, volumes of books could be published, have we learnt anything or we are more confused in formulating counter terrorism policy? Let’s not fall in money traps and self created illusions and share the truth with our nation and  let us not act so defensively in matters of life and death for our country, this sheepish policy has lead us into a dark black hole.

Honourable Prime Minister, getting puzzled over a journalists question about India’s involvement in destabilising Pakistan by promoting terrorism in Balochistan is not going to help Sir. Pakistan was dismembered in 1971 by Indian courtesy, our waters are consistently being stolen with a grand design to convert our green plains into desert, Kashmir which was described by Quaid to be our Jugular vein remains under Indian occupation, we have to glance back at the history before undertaking any front door or back door diplomatic niceties with India. Peace is just an interval between two wars and we already are in a state of war. We should act like a responsible nuclear power and don’t let even a single inch of our land being crossed over by any foreign country for its militarised gains. Yes I am talking about drone strikes here.

Let us not get bamboozled by such pressure and fears. Our nation is at war not only with terrorists but other powers that would do anything to dismantle Pakistan on ethnic, provincial and sectarian lines. Don’t let Karachi be shut down for mourning of individuals as we suffer a loss of billions of rupees each day. Wali ur Rehman or any other big Taliban figure was killed in a drone strike; did any one notice who is sabotaging our peace talks while they themselves are sitting across the table with Afghan Taliban.

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It’s time we show that we actually are a powerful nuclear nation and would no longer be on the defensive. Let’s move together,no Punjabi, no Sindhi, no Saraiki, no Balochi, no Kashmiri, no Muhajir, no Pushtoon but only Pakistani. Let’s show the world that we are more united than 1947 and would defend our homeland as it is the time when the lion wakes up and the eagle rises above the heights. Together we stand and divided we fall.