Classified Website

  1. OLX Pakistan
  2. Pak wheels
  3. PaperPk ads
  4. Hafeez Centre
  5. Bolee
  6. buysellads

Classified websites allow users to place their ads. All these types of websites are dynamic in nature where user interact with websites. OLX is number one of them whose slogan is “Buyers meet sellers”.  IT’s top website of Pakistan where all types of Goods and services you can buy and sell easily without paying any cost. They give you a platform of market.

Pakistani Market space is growing very fast. Recently it touches the 30 Million Internet subscriber which is 18% of whole population. Half of them are surfing internet from smartphones and Tablets. is an entrepreneurial idea, which hit a lot in Pakistan. Now majority of educated people who have internet access buy and sell their automobiles through this website. They focus on a niche market. Business only exists, if they some growth plans. I think Pakwheels should adopt the concept of meta market to capture more market space.

Similarly also focus on one sector which is “Property”, also getting popularity gradually.

Still there is massive demand for such type of websites. If you have some kind of ideas, make a feasibility report and implement it asap. Because this is best time to get benefit from such type of things.

I have some ideas like people are searching old laptops and smartphones on internet in millions. If you build a website, which focused on this niche sector, you can get heavy traffic soon and generate big revenue.

It’s madness, that you said, I will make a website which will beat OLX. Such type of things are just like watching dreams in a day.


As Google changed it’s algorithm. If you focus on some specific it will generate more traffic on your website from worlds no 1 Search engine.

Top 7 websites