Top Five EStore of pakistan

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top 5 estore of pak

Top 5 Estore of Pakistan

Electronic commerce is fastest growing field in Information technology. After the invention of plastic money, now people can able to purchase goods online. Internet become world largest market space.  Where & become gaint estore.

People all over the world are buying products through internet. It’s very easy and user friendly. No need to dress up and go to the market for shopping . Sometimes it become a hectic, specially in big cities where traffic jam problems exists.

In Pakistani prospective, huge potential and gap is discovered in this field. You can say latent demand exists in marketing terminology.

E store’s are available but not satisfying customer needs and expectations. Due to this reason two multinational companies enter into Pakistan after discovering huge potential available into the market. and azmalo .pk. One( is operating from financial city of Pakistan karachi and other one( is from cultural city Lahore. These two sites owned by Rocket Internet Group. is also owned by this group. They are trying to create monopoly in Pakistani market space.

I made Technology Estore named as whose targeted market is just Pakistan.