I follow Waqar Zaka, I like Sahir Lodhi as a celebrity , Veena Malik is drama queen , Moona Liza is my dream girl, I love Reema because I love the way she lie, I want to spent my few moments  of life with Atiqa Odho,  I want to do study like Ali Moeen Nawazish, I am good looking, I think I should go for modeling, My voice is superb I want to become a singer after giving Pakistan Idol auditions, What a sexy photo-shoot published in Magazine I am falling in love with Mathira,  My favorite comedy show is Bulbalay , because  I like their vulgar talks,  I like hamid mir he is great anchor because the way he lies is different from others, I love Imran Khan because he is master of adultery , gambling and drinking.

I like Moulana fazal ur rehman because he use religion for their personal benefits, I love Taliban because they impose their mentality by power whatever they says that are 100% right… no argument

I love  Pakistan because we are nuclear power  but we don’t care of poor people because they are not from us,  I love Pakistan army because we are number one agency ISI but we damn care of drone attack on our country who killed innocent people because who said them to become innocent…

Proudly Pakistani

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