Stock exchange is considered as an Economic indicator, which shows the circulation of money and confidence of investors, more the investors shows their confidence in the economy, more the Stock Exchange is moving positively.

But, there is an issue, most of the stock investors always arguing that this market is not good for returns, or they claim that at the end of day investors are a losers and so on.
The matter is that they don’t understand the norm and culture of this market or in other words we can say that these type of people come to stock market for making profit (the only term can be easily understand by every people in the world). The actual ratio f such type of investor in Pakistan market is around 85% to 92% which is called by speculator and remaining actual investors also become losers because of the panic created by these (speculators).
Every industry has it own criteria and policies to work on; similarly, stock exchange has it own standards, which is very much necessary to understand before moving to invest in it.
But the question arises that is there any one available who can guide investors in understanding this markets norms and cultures in making actual profits or returns??

Before moving to invest in Share of any Company via channel of Stock Exchange, people should understand its norm first which includes basic term and techniques to get the best returns from this market.

What are the basics to understand Share Price movement??
FUNDAMENTALS OF THE COMPANY including ratio analysis, growths and economic indicators
TECHNICAL ANALYSIS includes the price movement, and various signals for buying and selling.