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It’s an old saying that time is money and everyone knows it very well but “Are we really properly spending time as we used to spend money in our daily life?” It’s not just a question but a silent reminder to our selves, which is not just only reminding us an old saying but rewinding our daily life routine in our minds too. Time is precious and we get know when it is gone! So better think about it now then cry tomorrow.

Every morning is itself a blessing and a silent alarm that Allah has blessed us another 24 hours for free and we are going to spend in a way we want then why not spend in good way so when tomorrow we awake we don’t get regret on it. How lucky we are, we get time without any cost and how unlucky we are when we are just wasting it on nothing. We should ask from people who have lots of things to do but they don’t get any time to complete their work. It’s always better to be thankful what we have today and be a good manager too and manage the time (precious and amazing gift) properly.

The best solution to spend time in a proper way to think yourself as a LEADER and spend every single second as you have to motivate and encourage every other person in your surroundings. The way you live your life is going to be an instance on them. You are actually the reason of every person in your surroundings, if you are going to waste what you have in something which is not valuable you too are going to responsible for every other person if your life. When we are taking responsibilities we became good managers of our lives.

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Live life wonderfully as it really is before it gets too late!