By Yousaf Alamgirian

Even after Hindu extremists link has been established in Samjhota express attack India has simply refused to share the investigation report of the incident with Pakistan. It may not be justified to expect high moral values form a country whose security and intelligence agencies support extremists elements of the society to play nasty with the minorities and to go for subversive activities just to malign a neighboring country. Still it is the moral duty of a nation to provide evidences or results of the investigative report to other nation whose 42 citizens were brutally killed in an incident. Ironically Pakistan was blamed for this incident as well. For India it is not at all any problem to satisfy its masses after any of the terror attack as it can easily blame Pakistan and its intelligence agencies.

It had never been unearthed if Swami Aseemanand, had not disclosed the truth before the court. He born as Jatin Chatterjee in West Bengal got a masters degree in Physics from the Burdwan University. He joined the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, inspired by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in 1978. Indian well read newspaper Hindustan Times narrates in its December thirty publication of the year 2010 that the blast was ensured around midnight on February 18, 2007 — a day before Pakistan foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri was to arrive in Delhi to resume peace talks — bombs were set off on the Delhi-Lahore Samjhauta Express, a twice-a-week service. The incident occurred on Indian Territory, after the train passed Diwana station near Panipat in Haryana, 80 km north of Delhi. Of the 68 killed, most were Pakistani civilians, besides some Indian citizens and army jawans guarding the train.

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Pakistan has all the rights to ask for the investigation report as its 42 citizen died in the incident but India is not going to extend its support in this regard. On the other hand when Mumbai attack was still undergoing India started blaming Pakistan for the same. So much so it demanded that ISI’s DG himself should visit Delhi to clarify the allegation. Despite Indian hullabaloo whole of the international community especially United States used the Mumbai attack to pressurize Pakistan. USA’s officials have time and again warned Pakistan that if any of Mumbai like incident happened again then Pakistan has to face the music.

This is how America facilitated Indian stance to keep Pakistan under pressure. It is the high time for India to play malicious as Pakistan is fighting war on terror and its forces besides defending eastern borders of the country are hectically engaged on western borders to curb the extremist elements. In order to provide India an opportunity to destabilize Pakistan it has been willfully provided a place to train and groom terrorists who later are facilitated to enter into Pakistan for subversive activities. It is all happening under US and its allied force’s nose and Karzai government is kept in loop.

The way Indian extremist has admitted extremists’ elements involvement in terrorist activities is in fact a big slap on the Indian secular face. It shows deep roots of radicalization Indian society. On one side India send its girls in the world beauty contests and have managed a soft image of its through Bolly wood movies but the real face of it is otherwise. Hindu extremists have gone berserk and have merged as force in India which doesn’t regard and care for anything. Ironically they enjoy full support of Indian army and inelegance agencies. That’s why Col Prohit was the one who designed and planed Samjhota express blast. These forces don’t let anyone to come in their way. This is the reason area police chief Mr Kurkure who was doing investigation of Samjhota express was killed in the garb of Mumbai attack cross firing. But now after Swami Aseemanand has accepted the responsibility of the blast has further elucidated the fact that what dirt Mr Kurkere was going to detect from this case.


It shows how strong and dangerous network Hindu extremists posses. Smelling the gravity of the matter Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the "crown prince" of Indian politics, told the American ambassador last year that Hindu extremist groups could pose a greater threat to India than Muslim militants. His words were revealed in one of 4,000 leaked U.S. diplomatic cables sent from Delhi. The cables reveal a difficult but increasingly warm relationship between a prickly emerging power and a superpower keen to be friends but on its own terms. In fact Hindu extremists have gone out of control and they have the tendency to pose pressure on Indian liberal segments that are helpless in this regard.

Civil societies of India and Pakistan both were stunned on revelation of such a verity regarding Samjhota express but the so called super powers never uttered a single word to condemn Hindu extremists’ brutal act of attacking passenger train travelling between two countries. Can the citizens of Pakistan who are giving their lives in WOT expect from US establishment that it will issue a statement that American govt and its masses are really perturbed of such evidences and India must eradicate  Hindu terrorists so that none of such incident could happen in future. America instead condemning the Indian nefarious designs has signed civil nuclear technology pact and other defense deals with India. Russia, France and Israel had already signed defense deals with India. Strengthening Indian hands means threatening the regional peace. American and the international community must realize the fact that dual policies of any nation never let them go much ahead. Any super power could remains a super power till the time it does justice and observe some of the human and moral values which seems missing in almost all the bigger nations.

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Yousaf Alamgirian is Rawalpindi based freelance columnist who writes on regional and Muslim World issues. He is a new addition to the Opinion Maker panel of writers. Henceforth he would be writing on regular basis.