By Tommy Tucci

Severely afflicted over medicated on shill pills New Yorker. Latest American anointed unhinged Islamophobic blogger quotes 4.07 minutes in a video interview her ‘fearful and naive conditioning rant’ that “Islam inspired Hitler to kill Jews”.. Extreme offense is taken by all U.S. citizens including the masses of world citizenry who are currently recipients of these abusive attacks and counter factual events. Notwithstanding, major communication outlets accelerate incendiary and contentious hype copy as deception for phony ground zero subject matter and current world issues facing ‘We The People’ including their lack of guardianship Ist Amendment the ‘Right to Free Speech “For The Fearful and Naive Heavy Chatter War Coming”. Posted by 21st Century Reverse Pyramid Rep. Allen Grayson confirms “Mosque Debate Talk Is Distraction While Bush Letting 911 Happen.” Posted by Raw Story

Unhinged Islamophobic Blogger Anointed

Mainstream media affiliates anoint legions of unhinged instant celebrity throughout their campaign to continue American myths by manufacturing deceptive communication practices against the will of ‘We The People’. Negative tactics and strategies include buzz copy headlines of outrageous stereotyping, reverse psychology conditioning, hypocrisy, discrimination, the practice of insidious reverse ‘Hate Speech’, and to shadow the subject matter ‘Proud Victims Since 2500AD’, that result in reverse self anointed victims syndromes. These 21st Century narratives strategies and tactics are interrelated to welfare Wall Street barons ineffectual total ownership control and takeover of Czarist Russia c.1917 automaton dynamics, of deceptions and subterfuge of moral-intellectual-superiority-merit illusions combined with American mythology preying on the fearful and naive.

“American Anointed Islamophobic Blogger” Posted by 21st Century Reverse Pyramid is mainstream media’s point person for undocumented distortions, counter factual events, distractions, and omitted recorded historical facts. Resulting in subject material employing ‘reverse ‘Hate Speech.’ In her video interview rant this latest unhinged celeb quotes,“This is America and everyone is entitled to ‘Free Speech’.” To address Ms Geller’s celebrity including all crony cavalier academics, mainstream media stooges, lazy intellect Hollywood, and the dysfunctional bureaucratic apparatus who support this narrative of distraction and polarization. What forum is available for ‘We The People” to express distribution, promoting, branding, marketing, and advertising recorded historical factual evidence of events, time, locations? This expression would occur before the ADL intercedes with “Hate Speech” alleged accusations and possible show trials. Not too many, if at all, is the answer to Ms. Geller’s sly handlers.

  A Cheap Political Trick....

PR Deceptions Hatred Outrageous Discrimination

Historical recorded fact is a manufactured omitted and suppressed deception by overrepresented dysfunctional underachievers who are now attempting to blame Islam for the holocaust event which relates to a single war of words and height of fiction. Newsweek Cover August 16, 2010 reads “A Mosque At Ground Zero?” Typical major publisher combining PR buzz headline as distraction and contentious subject matter while simultaneously expressing insidious contempt for its small readership. Propagating deceptions, hatred, outrageous discrimination impacting and polarizing masses of humanity on this planet earth.

Conversely, printed subject matter and articles containing historical recorded fact are regarded as ‘Hate Speech’ thereby suppressing publication in the American press. Article by Sever Plocker and posted in an Israeli newspaper or magazine is “We mustn’t forget that some of the greatest murders of modern history were Jewish” “Stalin’s Jews…Posted by Sever Plocker ynet news also see Jews and Communism there are literally thousands of omitted absolute recorded historical books, publications, and articles relating to this single subject matter, all ignored and omitted in American mainstream media. However, professional word smiths continue contemptuous reverse victimization hype copy and propaganda in the American press while distracting viewers with buzz copy of wiki Leaks 91,000 pages of secured documents that every individual on earth already knows. Exposing documents confirming that USA commits war crimes, genocides, crimes against humanity, and war against peace. This is not news its soiled toxic underachiever failures.

Ground Zero Mosque is not at Ground Zero and It’s not a Mosque

  Divorcing Pakistan

You will never read historic unfettered recorded history in any academic or published articles in America. Bureaucratic deceptions refuse and ignore to acknowledge all recorded historical facts unless they have clearance for American mythology imprint. Historical factual events cannot be disputed or argued therefore America ignores omits and refuses acknowledgement of recorded history and events thereby perpetuates the sanctimonious view to the world that all specific and recorded history and events have no validity and are just conspiracy crazies repeating ‘Hate Speech. “There Is No Ground Zero Mosque.” Video Posted by Keith Olbermann

Summary of Satire and Unhinged America

Phony PR subject matter calculated to confuse and conflict American spirit and values. Consequently, America continues spin and propaganda through the unhinged over medicated shill celebrity and physically abusive and repulsive $10 figure welfare bonus check greed barons, spewing artificial events and news. Thereby, shadowing their incompetence, sociopath double speak, self anointed victims, and blood lust merit less underachievement. “Ground Zero Mosque is not at Ground Zero and it’s not a Mosque” Posted by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat. This historically correct and documented information will be concealed, on the front pages of major book publishers, periodicals, newspapers, or talking head TV news narratives, and typically ignored as irelevant .

Summary of satire and unhinged America. “We Are Not Special and There Is No Happy Ending. The Blood Drenched Darkness of American Exceptionalism.” Posted article by Arthur Silber. No surprise than at the instant unhinged celebrity status that confirms the dysfunctional apogee of American Exceptionalism c.2010. Pious narratives perpetuating the illusions of fear and power deception that is the precise psychological dynamic used in perpetuating racist, national, religious culture, and ethnic divide and rule methodology of superiority, merit, religious delusions. “Goodbye America” Posted by Occidental Observer

  Arab League impotence continues

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