By Dr. Haider Mehdi

“And then we will talk the trees into growing blue feathers.”

from Ann Patchett’s inspiring anti-establishment novel Bel Canto

Suddenly the political theatrics gurus and spin doctors are in full gear in Obama’s America.  They are going to “talk the trees into growing blue feathers” and they may succeed:  such is the state of mind of the ever-gullible, permanently indoctrinated, thoroughly brainwashed people of the United States of America who are persistently subjected by their own political establishments to feel fearful of foreign ideologies, external non-existent and self-fabricated threats from demonized nations. America’s security is at risk – and the slogan always works – the media drills the message into the deeply troubled psyche of the American people and the spin doctors and the theatrics gurus know it.  They have gone into full operation to get their “Chief” re-elected for the second presidential term.  

And the world will have to suffer, specifically the Muslim world, and most particularly Pakistan and its people, this time around, the American atrocities that are going to be inflicted, as always to prove that there is a “tough guy” in the White House to save Americans from the nasty, uncivilized and brutal forces of Islam.  A long time ago, there was a threat from the native American Indians which was overcome by gallant American cowboys.  The threat of socialism and communism was crushed by God-fearing, democratically spirited Obama predecessors and by American covert and overt wars in Latin America, Vietnam and elsewhere – and indeed, cheered on by perpetual media propaganda and Hollywood films.  Bush hyped the Iraqi threat by blatant lies and a complaisant media.  And now, Barrack Hussein Obama is there to respond resolutely to the Islamic threat – the misguided Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  After all, Americans are the “chosen people of God.”  Hail Caesar, Hail Obama!  What else can a nation ask for?

Osama Bin Laden has been killed by the American Special Forces operating inside Pakistan near its most prestigious military training academy, not too far from the nation’s capital, Islamabad, claims the American president.  The ISI and Pakistan’s military establishment is inexplicably involved – and it must be reined in completely to a subservient role of American-Nato interests, says the British Prime Minister. Indians are saying that if American Special Forces can operate inside Pakistan’s territory to pursue their wanted “targets,”  why can’t the Indian military have the same prerogative to choose what they want to do with or without Pakistan’s permission. 

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The failings of the Zardari-Gilani regime have reached unprecedented levels of foreign policy mismanagement to an extent where this nation’s sovereignty and dignity are being trampled with absolute impunity and perhaps with the implicit knowledge and collaboration of the incumbent government in Islamabad.  The irony is that the PPP ambassador in Washington D. C. is calling for an immediate censoring of the ISI, Pakistan’s premium intelligence agency, having accepted the claim about Osama Bin Laden as the God-given truth without any substantial analysis of the possible political motives for President Obama’s presidential re-election bid.  After all, isn’t that what a top diplomat is designated to do for shaping his country’s foreign policy? 

Whether Osama Bin Laden is dead or alive, or died 8 years ago, is not the important issue.  Let us step back a bit: in December 2001, the American hyped-up media in its anti-Islamic zealousness and to justify American military-political aggression against Iraq-Afghanistan had broken the news that Osama Bin Laden was killed in Tora Bora. This was later officially denied.  George W. Bush figured out that a dead Osama Bin Laden would cause the loss of momentum in the so-called war on terrorism and, in fact, Osama Bin Laden’s death would work contrary to Bush’s fundamental global objectives of American hegemony in the Central Asian Islamic States and South Asia to control the region’s natural resources, including gas, petrol and other valuable mineral deposits.  So, in hindsight, Bush lied as he had lied to the world community and American people about the weapons of mass destruction threat from Saddam Hussain’s Iraq. 

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The historical precedents of White House “lies” in the chronicles of US military aggressions against nations all over the world are incredibly numerous and documented.  The American media has always supported the political establishment.  Indeed, we must not forget that there has never been credible evidence of Afghan or Bin Laden’s involvement in New York’s 9/11 attacks. For all practical analysis, 9/11 seems to be an inside job, a Bush administration’s pretext for the Iraqi and Afghan invasion – the American determined global policy doctrine to extend its capitalist corporate interests all over the world. 

In modern history, Hollywood and the American cinema have aggressively participated in the US military-political crusades against other nations.  Just watch some of the most popular American films in post-WWII era at the height of projection of American benevolence and moral-political advocacy of democracy.  However, the fact of the matter is that the US has always acted in self-interest, extension of blindly pursued inhumane capitalistic doctrine, support of brutal dictatorships and resorting to military aggressions instead of political dialogue and accommodation in international conflict issues.  But, above all, the successive US political leaderships in the White House have fabricated threats and have time and again “lied” to the global community and the American people.  It seems that the American leadership believes that the ends justify the means and political morality or indeed its absence is of no consequence in its international behavioral conduct. 

So what stops Barrack Obama from making up a melodramatic lie on Osama Bin Laden’s death? It is simple arithmetic: On May 2nd, a midnight announcement of the American President, Barrack Obama makes him “The Hero” – and mind it, this important news comes at the heels of the President’s showing his birth certificate to the nation.  Media gurus and spin doctors are ecstatic in Washington – they see their Boss already firmly entrenched in the White House for another four years – resolutely anti-Islamic, pro-Israel, firmly dedicated to the US-West’s doctrine of corporate capitalism, and intoxicated by massive military power hell-bent on changing the geographical-political shape of Islamic nations.

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All of the debris of this political game being planned and executed in Washington DC is going to fall on Pakistan and its people.  The so-called war on terror must continue to ensure Obama’s re-election for a second term.  A sizable silent majority of Americans have always voted for a war president in their re-election bid (Note Jimmy Carter was not re-elected for a second term because he refused to invade Iran.).  It is so because their psyche has been shaped this way and they are told time and again that American wars are moral and democratic crusades against oppression and tyranny and this silent majority religiously believes it.  There are visible indications that the American people love powerful mechanical robots that destroy everything that comes in their way – and they love Sylvester Stallone as Rambo the mighty American hero.  On top of that, Obama is the first American-African “Rambo.”  He has qualified for the expectations!  Has he not? Then why shouldn’t he do what is expected of him?

For Pakistan, it is time for a preemptive crisis management strategy to evolve immediately.  It is obvious that drone attacks are going to increase, American and Nato forces are going to operate on Pakistani soil, Indian pressures are going to mount drastically, internal security conditions are going to get worse, CIA-Indian organized violence is going to increase phenomenally, and Pakistan’s financial system is going to collapse under the stress of international financial institutions.  One can see the ultimate horror and brutality against this country unfolding soon. 

Unless the nation prepares itself to confront its nemesis, both external and internal. A Zardari-Gilani regime change would be a good start!!

We cannot “talk the trees into growing blue feathers” but we can get a grip on reality.

The reality is: Pakistan is drowning!! Beware of Obama’s “Game Plan.” Only the Pakistani people can stop it from unfolding its ramifications in their homeland!!

 There is still a bit of time left – Before Obama’s ultimate storm hits this nation!!!!