By Bakhtiar Hakeem

There is nothing more precious and important than ‘man’, in the creation of Creator. Man has been told he/she has a life herein to act, to deliver and try making a difference. Unfortunately the time span is not known. He has also been told about a life hereafter, whether believed, half believed or otherwise. And that life, in a striking contrast is everlasting and meant for pay back. It is for the reward or return of the deeds herein.   
There could be two definite approaches to measure the life. In other words we could examine two strategic options through a Y junction.  There are those who know Him as Lord of the people, Rabb of every thing. Those who dare think Lord has created them onto Him, and that He is maalik-un-naas, they enjoy and cherish by giving. Their measure of success is giving, how much and to who all. They measure the impact and reach of what they give. And keep striving to enhance it. And they do not measure by the size of the bite and the amount of the pain they can inflict.

And there are those, who know Him as their God. The god of their religious rituals, if they are Hindu than as Ram or Eishwar, if Jew, then the god of Juda and Moses, far different, than the god of Marry and Jesus. Theirs could be a god happy to see a slain human body belonging to the group of those believing in another god. Their measure of success is opposite to those of aforesaid category. Their god teaches them to draw lines, deepen the hate and prejudices. Their god goads to spot the enemy never let it die and compete till death. Forget about what is right and what is wrong, keep the focus on enemy. Look at the measures of success of PPP and PML (N), load-shedding or rupee dollar ratio be damn; look at the measure of success of Atizaz and Fehmida vs. Supreme Courts, the ill-gotten and disputed $ 50 million in Swiss banks be damn. USA was far more focused when there was a ‘threat’, then she had to create one, and with the death of OBL, there is a need to have the next. Look at the measure of success of ISAF/NATO vs. Afghan people. Look at the success of operations in-charge of Liari and the residents of Liari. Look at the success of a security agency operator nabbing a civilian in Uthal and Khuzdar and the future of Pakistan. Look at the success of a cheating student and that of an invigilator. Look at the success of any occupation forces (say in IHK) and that of occupied people.  Look at the success of racists in USA….  

  No-fly zone over Syria


Those who know Him as Maalik-un-Naas learn, compete and succeed by giving and giving more. They give him and her, to Hindu and Sikh, to Christian and Jew, to Americans and Afghani, to Sindhi and Baloch, to this side and that side of border alike…their God lives everywhere. He owns every thing and they know, that only He shall return for good deeds.


It must be looking impractical or ridiculous to many. Yes, I have some arguments here for these, ‘many’. And they have always remained in majority, by the head-count. True, one will lose his or her prejudices, and therefore uniqueness and importance. One will have to forego his or her hate or at least the intensity of hate. One will have to minimize that prime mover called sense of winning and beating others down. Many will have to stay hungry and deficient of their parochial and nepotic traits. They will suffer the loss of little family and tribal feuds. One may have to lose the group identity, nurtured over decades and live like a simple muslim rather than a sunni or a shia. The latest press report from the convicted PM, says, ‘greater are the men, who have higher number of enemies’. How could people from group two, live with the blame of being gutless and spineless? All these losses are too big to live an ‘honorable’ social life.


Who are the most revered people in the world? Alexander the Great, King George IV, Queen Elizabeth II, Khan Khakaan, Genghis Khan, Peter the Great, Akbar the Great, Truman, Khmer Rouge, Hun, Hitler, Mussolini, Sharon, Reza Shah Pahlavi or alike who amassed great power, killed most, held huge territories and could decimate their enemies. Or were the following most revered people; Noah, Ibrahim, David, Joseph, Moses, Eliah, Marry, Jesus, Muhammad (pbut), John or Mother Teresa or alike? See trillions carry their names as part of their own name. They rule beyond divide, beyond hate, beyond borders across the humanity, all this because they gave. Whenever they found them on Y Junction, they decided to win by giving…How about you?

Should we start from today or tomorrow? Morrow may be D-1 in hereafter…