It has 29 rooms, functioning plumbing and electricity, a ballroom, and a wine cellar. Sound like the perfect property? There’s one problem – it’s only nine foot tall.

Yes, this dream home isn’t actually for human habitation. This is the world’s most expensive dolls house, worth an enormous $8.5 million.

To put this into perspective, for the same price as this miniature mansion, you could invest in a 10-bedroom, 10-bathroom home on New York’s Upper West Side, or treat yourself to a resort on the Philippines’ Panglao Island not once, not twice, but seven times.

With that in mind, Pakistan’s best real estate website, Lamudi looks at what the world’s most expensive dolls house is really worth.

Five-bedroom villa on the world’s largest man-made island, Dubai

Cost: 32,000,000 Arab Emir. Dirham, or USD 8,719,330

For only slightly more than the cost of the dolls house, you could own an incredible property on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. Yes, not only can you fit inside this house, but you can also enjoy sea views, large balconies and BBQ area, and a private swimming pool. If that wasn’t enough, you would also have a beach on your doorstep!

8000-meter square hotel in Indonesia

Cost: 105,000,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah, or USD 7,665,000

It’s one thing having the money to invest in one property abroad. Imagine if you could afford to buy an entire hotel! And not just any old hotel, a hotel in Bali. So instead of controlling your own dolls house, you could actually run your own commercial property in Indonesia. The hotel has a stunning pool and relaxation area, as well as a rooftop terrace to enjoy views of the surrounding area. If you can afford both, you could even sit here and play with your dolls house.

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Panglao Island resort in the Philippines

Cost: 50,000,000 Philippine Peso, or USD 1,047,360

Of course you could sit and look at your dolls house with that spare $5.8 million burning a hole in your bank account. Or, you could buy – and even renovate multiple times – this 2,296 square meter island resort in one of the Philippines’ best island destinations. Located on Panglao Island in the north Bohol Sea, the resort has a 100-square meter swimming pool overlooking the ocean, and 11 air-conditioned rooms, each with its own balcony and bathroom.