Is It Just Another Psy Op to Confuse Us?

By Julia Mitchell

They saw us coming. As well they should have, as we have simply arrived at the destination they had set for us to arrive at. In terms of history humanity tends to categorize itself by what we refer to as “ages.” Historically speaking there are the eras of human development referred to as the Dark Ages, Middle Ages, the Age of enlightenment, etc. Contemporary humanity is inclined to perceive of itself as an age as well, as it can be and has often been referred to as the “Internet Age.” It is an age that could be referred to as an age of enlightenment in its own right, as the amount of information available to us via the internet is overwhelming. But regardless of how attached a significant portion of the population has become to this potentially liberating tool we refer to as the internet, and in spite of how discomforting it may be to entertain the notion that this thing we so love was intended to serve as a tool of malicious manipulation, we have simply got to come to terms with the role of this thing we refer to as the internet in terms of its function within and for that other thing we refer to as the NWO. Because one thing is certain, this paradigm they have set for us to wake up into has been very carefully orchestrated, and we are so utterly embedded in it at this point it may be too late for the vast majority of us. The NWO operatives who initiated and are still the nominal leaders of the “truth movement” have the upper hand, and the sinister cabal in control of the planet is very close to achieving the end game it has planned for centuries. There is not one element of this new awakening that they did not foresee and prepare for, and the timely arrivals of gatekeepers and instigators such as Alex Jones, the 9/11 truth groups, Project Camelot, Mike Adams, news outlets such as the online RT, etc. is evidence enough of that.

It is my honest opinion that the synchronicity of the arrival of these cointel operatives in conjunction with the explosion of the internet was no accident. It is just too convenient, and their actions and associations do not hold up to close scrutiny when it comes to NWO connections. Add to that the fact that many of them have already been exposed as fictitious characters that have played multiple roles on the world stage, such as Hicks/Jones and Cooper/Maxwell, and the idea of putting even one iota of confidence into anything they say becomes an exercise in insanity. Ordinary people are beset upon all sides by these agents, and the threats coming from them range from the insistence that this country is quickly headed toward a civil war complete with concentration camps to an alien invasion. Add to that the fact that such things as the fluoride conspiracy, the chem trail conspiracy, the vaccine conspiracy, etc. have captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of activists across the country and what you have is a boiling cauldron of pissed off people with no real focus. All they know is that they are pissed off, and somebody is responsible for their anguish and discomfort, and rightly so. But it is getting us nowhere, and all indications are that we are quickly running out of time, which was the plan all along. Because to accomplish the task of getting a world of people to submit to some sort of world government that involves such things as mandatory RFID chips, that world of people has to be at its weakest point. And they have successfully engineered us into that very situation, and it appears that there are very few who are fully aware of that particular fact.

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Thousands of people are investing enormous amounts of time and effort in social forums, facebook being the most notable, on a daily basis in an ongoing attempt to “get the message out” in terms of such things as FEMA camps, chem trails, fluoride, deadly vaccines, falsified news events etc. Meanwhile the world continues to go to hell in a hand basket around them, as we accomplish essentially nothing by clicking “like” and “share” in terms of particular issues. I have even observed among some the tendency to love conspiracy for the sake of conspiracy, but the fact is that we can talk about these issues until we are blue in the face, and the time to actually re-direct entire societies in such a way as to avoid what is looming on the horizon has probably long since passed, and the only options left if we want to survive this thing is to immediately begin to make meaningful preparations. And before you can do that with any success you have to ascertain who can be trusted, because now is not the time to allow oneself to be led astray. The problem is that so many of us already have been. The internet cointel pro was already in position waiting for our arrival, and the game has long since been rigged. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the natural health industry. And no operative has been more successful than the one they chose to fill that particular role, Mike Adams.

Mike Adams has a stellar reputation among truthers, which is actually something I have particular difficulty understanding, because of the three news events/reports of his that I have investigated that were published on his website, two have proven to be 100% untrue, those being the Mormon cannery raid in Tennessee and the claim that SWAT teams were invading domestic farms in the state of Michigan and executing the livestock, and the other, the raw milk story out of California, is not far from being completely false, and was is in reality either a complete set up on the part of the NWO or is just the result of a guy who got caught engaging in some business practices that were both “shady” and unsanitary. Nevertheless, people seem to believe him without question, which is the key to his effectiveness. I have literally followed a link he provided in an article about the Michigan feral pig issue that ultimately led me to the proof that the story itself was untrue, and wound up there utterly amazed that he had actually included a link to the evidence that proved him to be a liar. People still nonetheless obviously just disregarded the evidence at hand while simply taking him at his word. There is nothing more dangerous than that, and that is a pattern we have got to break free from if we are to have any hope of coming out of this thing alive and in relatively good health.

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They have trained us to think like sheep, and there are very few even among truthers that have actually managed to become something other than sheep, although many think they have. But until they understand the need to fully investigate every bit of information that comes their way no matter how “likeable” or believable they may find the person providing it to be, they will remain sheep, and no amount of truth provided to them will change that. The fact is, however, that I do not believe there is sufficient time left for people to slowly begin to take it upon themselves and find ways to break free from the hold they have over us with this matrix. They are moving very quickly, and it doesn’t take more than a quick analysis of both domestic and global events to establish that fact. People, however, even those who think they are awakened, remain in something of a stupor, and they need to be quickly jarred out of it, because their increasingly frenetic efforts to ensure that the population remains confused to the point of paralysis are evidence enough that time is of the essence.

At the current time we are so gullible that people of the Alex Jones and Mike Adams sort are literally finding themselves able to peddle Potassium IODIDE, and that is one of the worst substances a human being can possibly consume, and we will take the time over the next several parts of this article to examine the chemistry behind the products and the business practices of these two individuals. But time is of the essence, and we need to do this and move on before it is too late. As for all of these operatives they have out here to agitate you with, it is their intention to paralyze you with an overwhelming display that is intended to shock and awe, as they are so fond of saying. You have shotguns? They have drones. You have indoor plumbing? They control the water. You know about the harm sustained from the vaccines they have been giving us for decades? They can force you to take them if they so choose. You object to the chemtrails and the possibility, if not probability, that they are even spraying depleted uranium over your heads on a regular basis? Go try and stop the 747 they are dumping it out of. See how far that gets you. The point is that this thing has grown to such monstrous proportions that there is no getting it under control within the confines of the current system. So why are you wasting your time playing the game, participating in yet another psy op of the Ron Paul sort as if it would really change anything if this skinny little twerp were elected rather than either of the other two equally undesirable candidates? As anyone who is well aware knows, the Illuminati HAVE to display their signals and symbols in some way, it is one of the so called “rules,” and Paul has long since given his loyalties away in those terms. None of it is real. The game has to focus on what are they poisoning us with, and what they have planned that is going to kill us, and they want you so distraught over what is being done or is being planned to be done to you that you cannot focus on the necessary things. It is time to tune them out. All of them. It is time to prepare ourselves in such a way that we can survive what they are planning, whatever that may be, and at this point it appears to be radiation, which in case you hadn’t noticed, is already blanketing the earth.

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To reiterate the point of this article once again; they saw us coming, this thing we refer to as the "internet age," and all these operatives were already trained and are now firmly embedded into the game, and we need to recognize that before it is too late. Everybody needs to stop, take a breath, and treat the situation as seriously as their facebook posts suggest they do.  They have deluded you with the notion that there are certain things that are beyond your ability, such as the ability to purify water to healthful drinkability quickly and easily and without electrical power. And they have for decades deluded the population with the notion that to provide ones own electrical power is beyond our expertise and financial resources.  If you look more deeply into the reality of how far we have come in terms of those things you will find that such is not the case, and that is where we need to focus our efforts at least long enough to accomplish those things, and there are a myriad of ways to do it, although some are far more effective than others. We have to assume the control of where we wind up in all of this, and once we have done that, we have already won.