Assalamualamanittaba al-Huda. General Mc Chrystal- cool brained 4 star general of US army, infamous for all the ingenious regicides by the Special Operation Force under his command directed by White House clout Mr. Cheney has now been transferred from covert CIA saboteur to overt field general.  Welcome Mc- on behalf of all the Mujahidin of Afghanistan, we cheer on your arrival in the death-valley Afghanistan – indeed you are a competent rival in the field!

"From the land of Khorasan there will evolve a reconnaissance army who will start marching from the basement of Ridge of Hindukush and there flag will be black in color. they will be the vanguard of the grand Muslim army lead by Imam Mahdi (From the Hadith of prophet Muhammad( peace be upon him). Gen. Mc do you know what’s the color of the flag of Taliban- black and inscripting the kalimah- la ilaha illallah ( there is no god but Allah)!

Mc, a commander of Afghan Mujaheddin named Ahmed Shah Masood wrote a letter to the USSR Army Chief during the Soviet occupation in the Afghan land challenging him to assault the valley of Panjsher under Shah’s control.

The arrogant Gen. got rage at the audacity of an Afghan "Minion" and ordered his force to obliterate Panchir. Result was Soviet lost more than 4000 Armored vehicles and a handful of their kudos Sukhoi TU fighter aircrafts; quantity of Soviet casualties was countless and Panchir was as it was!


The aftermath of the Godless Soviet general found driving a taxicab and roaming in the black market with a briefcase nuke and trying to sale to the CIA agents in disguise to have some dollars.

Mc- can you imagine the lot of yourself in near future driving a cab in the suburb of Gotham city and roaming in the black bazaar to sell US "Classifieds" to the Chinese agents.

I swear by the name of god that this Scenario will take place – Insha-Allah. The History attested me!!

  Colonial Powers Lack in Moral Courage

Afghanistan- an infernal death camp for the invaders are not to be pacified by any of your tricks and tactics Mc. You are facing the Army of God- the Taliban." O Prophet (PBUH) it was not thee who threw sand to the disbelievers rather Allah was the one who hurled it."(Al- Quran) Mc – Taliban will erect a roadside bomb (IED in your jargon) made of fertilizer (ludicrous, isn’t it?) to destroy the US Humvee.

But you will see, (sorry I think you have already have seen) that childish homemade bomb burst to create a burning hellfire for your force. Your Pentagon Specialists will try utmost to investigate the reason but all in vain cause "Allah was the one who hurled it."

History talks, Mc. You are the last generation commander enjoying the kudos of Military hegemony of US. After you (if luckily you become alive to see the decline of Uncle Sam) no general from the Yankee will be available to commit the assassination of Benazir Bhutto or many more like those so brilliantly that your Sp. OPs did.

Your super power United States of America will split asunder and will be the victim longing for charity with an
interminable economic recession- if God wishes. In a graduate school of dark
in 2025, students of Political Science will discuss- there was once an unprecedented super power named US…………..

At the coda i would like to finish with a verse from the Quran-" As Right hood advents, false hood perishes because false hood by its nature is bound to perish." (Al- Quran)






By Abu Saeed Chawdhury Representing the Islamic Democratic Party of Dhaka, Bangladesh