Life begins with childhood and once we enter into teenage, we start craving for happiness. It became more desirable when one enter into adulthood. What actually happiness is, everyone has a different opinion on it and most of among us aren’t aware of it in true essence.

Largely believed that we get happiness through five senses (Taste, smell, touch, hear, visual) but unfortunately, it’s not true always. That happiness just encompasses 20% of the whole. So from where we can acquire remaining part of it. As there is no doubt, whatever we do in our lives, just to be happy.  Here, I am unveiling a way to find rest of happiness which contributing a major share.

It’s PA-BAM & PA-JAM. In next 2 to 3 mins, these acronyms will guide you to find happiness to rest of your life. I am very optimistic about it.

PA-BAM Stands for Personality, Academics, Business, Assets and Marriage while there is a slight difference in PA-JAM Personality, Academics, Job, Assets and Marriage.

Here’s one more interesting fact, before we move along. There is one similarity midst five things. Two are abstract and three are based concrete things. Okay! Discussed one by one, beneath.

How you get happiness through P, when you own noble personality, everyone attracts towards you and try their best to imitate you. It would be a debatable thing if I start discussing what actually personality is. This is out of scope right now. If you have good communication skills, up-to-date, adapt to new style/fashion, keep yourself clean and physically fit then the probability of good personality increases. So just imagine for a while, a person walking beside you and give an observation. Wow! What a vibrant personality this person owns, so how will you feel about this compliment.  This would be an unmatched comparison to five senses.


How academics play its role in happiness? My question is to those people who have done university degrees. Didn’t you felt relaxed while receiving a degree at convocation! When your parents feeling proud of you! You may never give such kind of happiness by sharing your laptop with them or arranging a surprise wedding party.

How your job make you happy. For those who have spent entire lives on the job, may know very well about this phenomenon. When your organization announce bonus, when you get an early promotion, when your peers arrange your surprise birthday party or even when you complete a task. This kind of happiness is incomparable.

How business is behind your happiness. I still remember when I got my first project. On that day, I was feeling very strong and successful fella and also never forgot that moment when I hired first employee for my own organization. One more unforgettable moment, I would like to share with you, when six competitors bidding for a project and I won. I agreed with those people who used to say that you face strong pressures in business but aforesaid happiness compensates you with tough moments.

Wealth and happiness have a direct relationship. It’s also true that all happiness related to five senses is somehow dependent on wealth. You get more comfortable life through wealth and there is no contradiction, if you enjoy comforts of life, it’ll satisfy you and every satisfaction gives you happiness.

Last but not least. Marriage…! If you have a good personality, performed very well in academics, reputable job/business and sufficient assets but still you’re feeling unhappy. It means you are alone and you need a caring partner. Because the happiness which embodied in marriage, may never be attained from other sources.  A famous idiom emphasis, Marriage accomplishes your life. Islam said Marriage is half of religion.

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