"When the US, Israel and India call some countries axis of evil, its like kettle calling the pot black." Raja Mujtaba

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja               

Israel, mainly created by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing which saw three-quarters of indigenous Arab inhabitants of Palestine dispossessed of their homes, lands and rights has emerged as the leading terrorist state of the world. The US has given full liberty to it to indulge in indiscriminate human rights violations against the Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank. The Israelis are busy colonizing West Bank and Gaza and refusing to return Golan Heights to Syria. Israeli forces assaulted Gaza Strip in December 2008 which lasted for 22 days and nights. One of the strongest armies of the world was resisted by ill-equipped Hamas led Gazans alone. None came to their rescue or even to provide war replenishment and food.

Like the extremist Hindus in India wanting to build a temple in place of Ayodhia mosque, Israeli settlers keep making gory schemes to desecrate Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem and build a synagogue. Israeli leaders have taken the decision to include Al-Ibrahimi mosque and Rachel tomb in Israeli heritage sites. Israeli forces have stepped up acts of Judaization against Islamic holy places. But for emergence of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, these two places would have been annexed by Israel by now. Indo-Israeli atrocities going on for over six decades have gone unnoticed by the so-called champions of democracy and human rights.

Another leading terrorist state India too has been given absolute liberty of action by America to persecute and abuse Kashmiris and other minorities in India. Kashmir is one of the oldest disputes in the world. Apart from wanton killings of ill fated Kashmiris, over 0.7 million Indian forces stationed in occupied Kashmir use rape as a tool to break the resistance of freedom fighters waging a struggle for over 60 years to free Kashmir from illegal occupation. Well over 100,000 Kashmiris, men, women and children have been martyred by trigger happy Indian security forces and more than 12000 women including small girls raped. Numerous cases of gang rapes by marauding Indian soldiers have occurred but no punishment has ever been meted out to the culprits.

  Kashmir In Question

Fake encounters, extra-judicial killings, cold blooded murders, illegal detention and torture in secret dungeons are a norm, while numbers of missing persons is innumerable. Methods of torture applied on the suspects, mostly innocent are too horrifying to narrate. The whole valley is littered with mass graves of unknown victims. Graveyards are also full of Kashmiris brutally killed by Indian soldiers. Voluminous details have already been penned down by numerous NGOs and Asia and International Human Rights Watch. It is essentially due to massive abuses inflicted upon hapless Kashmiris on orders of seniors that cases of suicides, shooting of senior officers, desertions and mental disorders are multiplying among Indian troops serving in Kashmir. India lies to the world that it has crushed militancy in Kashmir. Several Indian writers and social workers like Arundhati Roy have laid bare the truth asserting that elections under the barrel of gun have become a finely honed instrument of charade to hoodwink the world that Kashmiris have accepted to remain as slaves of India. They ask Indian leaders whether military domination mean victory and how does a government which claims to be a democracy justify a military occupation?

Despite ongoing reign of terror, Indian military machine has failed to extinguish the flaming torch of liberty. In summer of 2008, a dispute over land being allotted to Amaranth Shrine Board coalesced into a massive non-violent uprising. Hundreds of thousands of people defied soldiers and policemen who fired straight into the crowds killing scores of people. Chants of Azadi (freedom) could be heard throughout the Kashmir valley. People from all walks of life were on the streets with placards and shouting Azadi. It was the first manifestation of democratic non-violent protests which completely unnerved India. This process was repeated in summer of 2009 and in 2010 thousands of tender age children with stones in their small hands came out in the streets and demanded freedom. Even they were not spared by gun totting soldiers who mercilessly sprayed bullets and killed many of them. However, resolve of the youth as well as the parents of those who lost their flowers was exemplary.       

Both Israel and India harbor ambitions of becoming world powers and are pathologically anti-Muslims. Despite being militarily strong and economically sound and enjoying full patronage of sole super power, the two keep raising specter of security threat and remain in a state of constant fear. Israel keeps bellowing that it has been constantly threatened to be pushed into the sea. Under the garb of security it keeps expanding its borders at the cost of neighbors. Five times superior India too keep raising alarm bells of danger from Pakistan. Both justify state terrorism as self defense and present themselves as victim of aggression and oppressors to gain sympathy of the US and western world. Both excel in propaganda war and in art of falsification.

  Pakistan Day & Armed Forces

They believe that bigger the lies and more frequently lies are told; the more likely it is for the lie to get converted into truth. The two war mongers have been given a free hand by civilized USA and western world. Dragon policy was framed by Mossad and RAW in 2001 for carrying out false flag terrorism. Hindutva terrorist groups are trained by Mossad since 1980s. Israeli commander Eli Katzir is operating a counter terrorism unit in Indian occupied Kashmir for over a decade.      

Israel and India are committing crimes with tacit blessing of USA. So powerful is the influence of Jews over US leadership that even if it wants to it cannot even point a finger at Israel or utter a word of protest. India too is trying to get into similar position with the help of its lobby in USA and its economic clout. India has convinced USA to ignore the sentiments of Kashmiris and to help in settling Kashmir dispute on its terms. But for undue patronage of USA, Israel and India could not have got away with its massive human rights violations. Reason for never even trying to restrain the two bloodthirsty nations is that the US is part of the axis of evil and is equally involved in similar activities.

Soon after 9/11, George W Bush administration erected a network of secret prisons and ‘black sites’ where opponents of US imperialism were jailed, tortured and murdered. Obama has continued with his predecessor’s policies including presidential assassination orders, indefinite detention without trial or charges, blocking court cases that threaten to reveal torture, domestic spying, and prosecution of whistle blowers and violation of international law. Like Gitmo, Abu Gharib and Baghram Airbase prisons notorious for merciless torture, secret prison manned by CIA known as ‘Salt Pit’ is located close to Kabul of which there are ghoulish tales of terror.                             

  The Betraying Arab Leaders

Blackwater under the garb of security contractors is being used for clandestine purposes. Hired assassins have been wreaking havoc in Iraq, Afghanistan and now in Pakistan. CIA operated drone attacks in FATA is another form of terrorism adopted by USA to inflict casualties without committing its soldiers to combat hazards. Hundreds of innocent people have been cut to pieces in reckless spree of drone strikes.

The US is purposely fuelling terrorism in Pakistan by encouraging cross border terrorism by CIA, RAW, Mossad and RAAM using Afghan soil, but blames Pakistan on this count. It has turned down Pakistan’s repeated requests to mine or fence possible infiltration sites along Pak-Afghan border for the reason that it doesn’t want to stop the flow of terrorists from Afghanistan into Pakistan.   

The US, Israel and India are the real axis of evil since the three have imperialist and expansionist designs, are intolerant, ruthless and anti-Islam and believe in exporting terrorism. The three are taking undue advantage of their military prowess and are capturing the resources and lands of the weak through coercion, aggression or treachery. Hands of the three are soaked in blood of hundreds of thousands of Muslims. In order to hoodwink the world, the trio never tires of drumming up the virtues of democracy, human rights and such like beguiling phrases but in practice their deeds are black. To cover their countless crimes against humanity, they take cover behind the façade of lies, deceit and duplicity but their hypocrisy is getting exposed since the world instead of becoming safer after ten-year futile war on terror has become more unsafe and insecure. The three are responsible for radicalizing Muslims. Indo-Israeli-US nexus and not terrorism is greatest threat to world peace.