By  Yousaf Alamgirian

Pampering is very important if done in proper age. Too much pampering of a kid or anyone can ruin his personality and life. It maybe comical for many of the readers but it is true that NATO soldiers wear pampers and use diapers when go for operation against the Taliban in Afghanistan. This news report was published in the American media first and then picked up by a prominent English daily of Pakistan narrating “technologically well-equipped and facility-wise pampered, the US-led Nato forces, which are already eating dust in Afghanistan at the hands of Taliban, are finding it impossible to fight as they don’t have “diapers to wear”. A diplomatic source said that the NATO supply line cut by Pakistan has hurt the US-led NATO forces in many ways, including the severe shortage of diapers for the US-Nato soldiers.” This could be treated as joke for others but it’s a matter of life death for the Nato soldiers who are supposed to fight the war with courage and valour.

Although sources of the American embassy are not accepting the same still there are proofs that Nato officials have requested to hand over the nappy and diapers boxes to them till the time rest of the material is not allowed to be provided. Although diapers are not the lifesaving drugs yet these possess importance for the soldiers who are deputed in the war zone. Obviously that would be difficult enough for the soldiers to handle two crises at a time while fighting. The diapers are always helpful when all of sudden Taliban appear and open fire on them. The Nato must also be of the opinion that soldiers can’t fight with wet pants. The wet pants have the tendency to get the eye wet as well which surely creates the eyesight hindrance. Nato and allied forces are already facing the problem of vision as if the had
the same they would have pulled out their forces well in time from the Afghan soil.

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This is only because of the prolonged stay of Nato and allied forces that the soldiers have lost the will to fight against the innocent human beings; their only sin is that they are Muslims. It is unfortunate that America wants to solve each and every issue by using the military power. Once again it has threatened Pakistan and Iran of attacks. It is thinking to resume the drone attacks. It is unfortunate that America blames Muslim world for every evil. American policies have not only nourished and promoted terrorism but have caused death of hundred and thousands of the innocents.

What good America is contributing towards the humanity by imposing its flawed policies? Nato soldiers who are waiting for the pampers are also victims of American policies. However American and Nato officials have termed the news item as baseless but matter of the fact is that the story of the shortage of diapers first appeared in the US media. Only after that Pakistani and the media world over highlighted the same.  Nato and allied troops are not only killing the innocent citizens of Afghanistan but they have targeted Pakistani areas as well taking many of the lives yet a Pakistani journalist and political activists Dr Shireen Mazari has appealed to the Pakistan government on humanitarian grounds to retrieve the pampers from NATO containers and send them to US forces in Afghanistan. American and Nato forces can judge the moral values Pakistani citizens are possessing. On the other United States was reluctant to accept the responsibility of the lives of 24 Pakistan soldiers because of the NATO attack at Salala. The US report on Nato which has recently been made public has not suggested any of the action against the culprits. People were expecting that the action would be taken against the accountable. It seems America has prepared the report for the sake of a report. Pakistan already knew that the investigation will carry no fruitful findings and the actions that’s why Pakistan refused to be part of that investigation team. That compromised the trustworthiness of the investigations.

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However people have all the sympathies with the NATO soldiers ‘daringly’ fighting in Afghanistan. NATO forces have to feel the difference of being aggressors and oppressors. It is difficult to win the hearts and minds of the masses of a country whose sovereignty is compromised. The Afghans are fighting for their nation and for their motherland and want the foreign forces to immediately vacate their place. America has made many of the endeavors’ to engage different factions of the Taliban but failed to achieve the desired results. The United States always pressurized Pakistan to do more by doing more and more operations but kept itself busy in talks with Taliban.

The hypocritical policies of America not only shattered the confidence of the Nato soldiers but inflamed terrorism in the region. History will never forgive America for its flawed strategies which have increased the incidents of pants wetting of its soldiers, who are scared of facing the Taliban. (Ends)