I love bombay as it’s my native city of my mother. I wish that i will spend sometime of my life in this city.  When i came to knew that a restaurant exists with this name in my city. I was too much excited and decided to visit it asap, then i made a plan to celebrate my birthday in this restaurant but plan was canceled due to our visit to Azad kashmir with class mates. 

resturants in islamabad

The House of Bombay

One day, i was wondering into F-8, feeling hungry.  Suddenly i think about this restaurant. I kicked my bike and went there but unfortunately, it’s was close as time is up 3.30.

best sitting restaurants of islamabad

But still I was curious to visit this restaurant too much , don’t know why? 🙁 May be i read some where that it’s third best restaurant of Islamabad the beautiful.

loan of the house of bombay f8 markaz

On Thursday Morning , at last , i have planned to do launch in this restaurant with my friend. I went there. Door was opened for me. As i am impress with hotel staff. they are polite and good in manners.

I ordered karahi, but sorry to say meal is not as good as i thaught about it. I ranked 6 out 10.